10 Proven Negotiation Strategies and Tactics for Small Business

Every small business and startup must negotiate with employees, vendors, customers, and others.

If you’re an existing business, you’ve already negotiated many times.

But if you’re starting a business, you have many negotiations ahead of you. For example, even before you launch your business, you may have to negotiate how to write a business plan with co-founders, if you have partners in your business.

If negotiation sends chills down your spine or you want to become a better negotiator, this video is for you.

I’ve negotiated with thousands of people over the past few decades (for 13 years as an attorney and for the last ten as an entrepreneur and business owner).

Here are my 10 proven tactics to help you negotiate better:

1. Know Your Objective. Know what you want BEFORE you negotiate.

2. Prepare. The more you know about the other side – the more options you’ll have during the negotiation.

3. Never Be Intimidated. If you allow yourself to be intimidated, you’ll have difficulty getting your needed concessions during the negotiation.

4. Pay Attention To Perception and Emotion. How the other side perceives your negotiating positions and tactics – and your emotional responses – will strongly influence their participation and responses during the negotiation.

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Watch the video for more detail on these four powerful negotiation tactics, plus six more:

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