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The beautiful and functional products made by Apple show that great products can transform industries. Yet most companies can't spend billions (or even tens of thousands) of dollars to design products. Crowdspring has revolutionized product design by giving you access to world class industrial designers at a fraction of what you would otherwise pay. Product design projects on crowdspring are risk-free, affordable and quick.

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Stop wasting your valuable time elsewhere. Over 220,000 talented designers from 195 countries work on crowdspring. They have helped some of the best Brands in the world with product design.

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Beautiful product design that drives business results. If you're not 100% happy with your design project we'll promptly refund all your money.

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All the suport you need, when you need it. Our dedicated support team (99% customer satisfaction) is available by phone, email, and chat to ensure your success.

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Powerful intellectual property protections, made simple. Every project includes industry leading customized, dynamic legal contracts and policies that protect your intellectual property.

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Fundamentals of product design

What is product design?

Product design is the process of creating new products to be sold by a business to its customers. Product design starts with the efficient and effective generation and development of ideas and continues through a product development process that leads to new products.

You need more than luck to design and sell popular products. Ultimately, great design is about understanding people and their pain points. Products get inside the heads of consumers in surprising ways, and product designers have taken advantage of this for decades.

Whether it’s a mop you use to clean your floor or a digital experience that is as ephemeral as it is engaging, psychological cues are everywhere.

You can learn more about the psychology of product design on our award-winning business marketing blog.

How can you turn your idea into a successful product?

Here are the four important steps you must follow to turn your ideas into a successful new product:

1. Define – Talk to customers, do market research and competitive analysis.

2. Explore – Measure the opportunity, build your business case, and develop the idea.

3. Build – Know your target, check in, and be flexible.

4. Learn – Use focus groups, listen to your team, and take advantage of social media.

To learn more, read 4 Important Steps To Turn Your Idea Into a Successful New Product.

how crowdspring works...

1.Tell us what you need.

  • Interactive Q&A customized for product design projects.
  • Flexible pricing for everyone.
  • Simple (takes just a few minutes) and proven process.


"I loved working with crowdspring! It was so exciting to watch your project pick up steam as you gave feedback to the creatives. It felt very collaborative and you have so many creative people submitting ideas just for your project. Their system is organized, easy to use and understand. I am so happy with the results!"
Ali Hissey, Founder, Hissey Fit
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2.Work with our über-talented designers

  • Multiple designers submit dozens of concepts.
  • Review, rate, and give feedback.
  • One price. Pick the design you love.


"In 10 years I have launched 17 projects on crowdspring and have always been impressed. Crowdspring brings 10 maybe even 100 times more creativity than simply working with a single random creative I could have found outside of crowdspring where I might only see a couple different concepts. And the price is very affordable."
Steven Krane, Entrepreneur & Investor
Testimonial photo, Steven Krane

3.Pick the winning design and finalize the project.

  • Select the winner.
  • Make final adjustments.
  • Receive full rights to the work you purchased.

FAQs for step 3

"I just finished my 2nd of 3 projects with crowdspring. The first was an incredible book cover. This new project was artwork for a wooded token. I have a 3rd project on going for the development of a logo for graphic for my wife's jewelry business. I'll summarize - Don't waste your time at other sites - just come to The experience, the talent and the result will only make your life easier."
Robert Dixon, Bob Dixon Consulting Services
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The creative power of crowdspring is unmatched anywhere.

Crowdspring is the first stop for any aspiring entrepreneur, whether bootstrapped or VC-backed. The creative power of the their crowd is unmatched anywhere.

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Hiro Taylor
CEO, HeroPay

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