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We are the in-state Lottery for the state of Michigan so we provide players with fun and entertaining games of chance with lots of opportunities to win great cash prizes. This logo is for a Lottery promotion - so the audience must be adults 18+ - so no characters please or anything too cute or young. Lottery games are entertaining and exciting, so please have fun!


Logo Usage
  • Print

  • Screen / Digital

  • Clothing

  • Outdoor

  • Signage

Preferred Logo Style
  • Image + Text

Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

  • Mono

Colors to Explore


Logo Text

Double Play

Top 3 Things

1. Fun – logo should attract players attention and make them want to give this promotion a try – but not silly or quirky – just something that gives players a good feeling
2. Lottery Game – IF there is a simple/subtle way to convey that this promotion is a new way to win the Lottery – put a dollar sign in the O or two dollar signs to convey double e.g.
3. Second chance to win – but again, needs to be done in simple/subtle way – perhaps one letter has a shadow behind it to indicate two/double or the D and P in Double and Play are doubled e.g. or there are double glints on a letter e.g. But we don’t want the entire logo to be doubled e.g.


SIMPLE – we do NOT like anything with too many competing elements or too many flourishes – logo needs to work on a lot of small elements so needs to be fairly simple
BOLD – we like logos with bolder/stronger fonts and colors – nothing thin or soft or cute
We like good use of fonts with simple/subtle graphic touches (see other Michigan Lottery logos for reference)
Most of our logos are text driven – with perhaps a subtle design element – so more of a text logo with perhaps double glints on a letter or two or drop shadow to convey double e.g.
And please no baseball references - it's not that kind of double play!

Additional Info

Logo should capture the overall essence of this special promotion:
• With Double Play, a second set of winning numbers will be drawn, giving players second chances to match and win
The logo will need to work across a variety of promotional materials (POS, print, digital, premium items and the like) which is why simplicity/flexibility are very important. If you can’t reproduce it on anything and everything, then it won’t work!
Logo will also need to work in either a horizontal or vertical format. If possible, we would like to get ai, pdf and jpg files.
When a final logo is selected, we will need to add either a TM or SM mark to it - and we will need to add the words "Michigan Lottery" somewhere adjacent to it.



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