What is Team Collaboration?

Team Collaboration is a feature that allows you to share the management of a crowdspring project with the people you invite. This means clients, coworkers, or company management can get involved in the project.

Some clients choose to share their crowdspring login credentials in order to give collaborators access to their project. But, this practice has been known to increase confusion and frustration when logging in, discussing revisions, and providing feedback to the creative.

So we built simple and powerful features to help you manage the project with a group.


Unique Permissions

Instead of sharing your account login credentials with every member of your team, you can set which account permissions each collaborator can use.

You can also decide if each person should receive status updates about the project to help you review new entries and stay on top of important deadlines.

collaboration permissions

Clear and Private Team Communication

Without collaboration your team will need to communicate via email or Slack to discuss project feedback. This can waste a lot of time while everyone tries to figure out which image or revision is being referred to. Then this feedback has to be compiled from different sources and conveyed to the designer on crowdspring to make the change.  

But, there’s a more efficient way!

With the collaboration feature, you can leave private notes for your colleagues about each design as you view them on crowdspring. These notes will NOT be seen by the creative. When you’re ready to provide feedback on each design all the comments from the entire team are easily available and associated with the correct images.


Unlimited Collaborators Simultaneously in the Project

Sharing one log-in can result in a user getting logged out when another user logs in with those same credentials. But, our Collaboration tool ensures that doesn’t happen. Instead, all collaborators are able to access the project any time of the day or night regardless of how many collaborators are in a project.


How Much Does Team Collaboration Cost?

The Collaboration feature is a flat fee of $99 for Gold and Elite projects. It’s included for free in Platinum projects.

collaboration pricing grid

Once you’ve added Collaboration to your project, unlimited collaborators can participate. And, remember - you control the permissions for each collaborator - making it easy to discuss entries and manage your project with ease.

Note: Collaboration is not available in Silver projects. Our Gold, Elite and Platinum projects were designed for agencies and companies serious about design. They offer a wider range of privacy and management features designed for these clients.


How Do I Add Collaboration?

Before Your Project is Live

Team collaboration is found on the “Project options” page in the “Details” section of your project draft.

Simply click the box next to “Team collaboration” to add the feature to your project!

adding collaboration in post-a-project


After Your Project is Live

From within your active project, navigate to “Settings” and you’ll see the “Collaborators” section on the bottom half of the page.

Just click the “Upgrade” button to enable collaboration (as shown below).

collaboration upgrade

The credit card you used to pay for your project will be automatically charged and your project invoice will be updated. And, you’ll be all set to start inviting collaborators!



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