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We are a mortgage broker in Latin America (but project is in English). In our part of the world this is not only a growth business, but in fact an exciting, brand new concept for consumers. We work with a number of financial institutions to offer their mortgage products to private customers. Our product range includes all kinds of financing, incl. home equity. Our target audience are typically middle class and upper middle class. Our corporate slogan (translated) is Intelligent Orientation. Our aim is to facilitate the mortgage experience for the consumer, as here in LatAm it is usually a very bureaucratic, intransparent, nervewrecking process with a large amount of complicated paperwork.


Color posters that will be used at third-party marketing points as well as in our stores and offices. The posters are to display/illustrate our marketing messages (see below). We do not want too much text, just a clear, direct, striking conveyance of our marketing message(s) via concise text and a supporting picture/illustration. It can be funny it should be something that grabs the consumers attention and stays in his/her mind.

We are agnostic as to whether to use photos and/or graphic illustrations/designs (obviously photos should not be subject to copyright or we should be able to buy the rights, if necessary).

Size - the ultimate size will likely be A2 although we may on occasion use larger sizes, or smaller (but not smaller than A3).

You will provide all necessary parts and specs of the work to us incl. photos (if any), details on fonts, colors, etc.

Note on language do not worry about submitting texts in Spanish or Portuguese, we will do the translation. However this obviously means that you should not bother coming up with clever wordplays, as these will likely get lost.

* We are looking for 1-2 posters as a first test/sample. If we are satisfied, we will hire you privately do make further designs for us. *

MARKETING MESSAGES (in no particular order)

We give the consumer a choice (rather than just going to his bank)

We find the best mortgage option for the customer

We are impartial

We save the customer time (he does not have to visit various banks him/herself)

We facilitate the mortgage process for the customer

We guide the customer through the process

We guide the customer through the intimidating paperwork

We help you realize your dream of a home (or renovation; or a home equity loan to fund other things)

We do all of this with a smile and without any condescending or arrogant nature (which consumers associate with the banks)

Potential design elements/ideas that have been mentioned include (but these are just suggestions):

Clocks (saving time)

Signpost / fork in the road (orientation)

Contrast Mortgage without us vs. Mortgage with us

If you wanted to bring in local elements: using Brazil as an example, Brazilians are fond of football, beaches, their families, etc.


You can visit our main website www.sagacecasa.com.br (the site is in Portuguese)

Competitors we have one local competitor www.habix.com.br; you can also look at websites of similar companies internationally, notably www.lendingtree.com, www.interhyp.de, www.meilleurtaux.fr; or whatever mortgage broker you might be familiar with in your area

Attached are 2 suggestions our graphic design company has come up with both have been rejected by us, mostly because we do not like the style of the illustrations, the concepts itself are OK as they fit with the above marketing messages.

Attached is our corporate logo in .jpg and .ai the logo obviously has to appear in the posters



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