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Food & Beverage

About Your Company

We are a starting a distillery/brewery/restaurant in a small downtown area. It is an area that is known as The Lake Capital of the South, which means it is surrounded by water with lots of high end lake homes and communities. It is also a large high end retirement community. There is lots of Cherokee Indian history and civil war history. The buiding was built in 1946 and was at one time the county jail. It was until recently the community electric company. The jail is still in the bottom of the space. It is also located next to the railroad system that runs right through the town.


Target Audience

48% Male, 52% Female, Median age 25-64 (32 years of age) Large retire high end community, 89% white, 6% african american, 1% asian, .3% american indian, 3% Hispanic. Median Income $38k. Median home vaule $122k. 30% high school diploma, 21% some college no degree, 9% associate's degree, 19% bachelor's degree, 11% postgraduate degree. Lots of manufactoring jobs. Near lake with lots of boating and water activity. Bible belt area. Will be located in a restored downtown area of the town.

Creative should NOT use

Something that flows with the area and the history. Something that the locals will buy into and support. Trendy but with lots of history

Favorite taglines

Can't think of anything...


Trendy, outdoors, historical and fun... not stuffy

Top 3 Things

What we are....
What we are about....
What you can expect as a guest.

Additional Info

I like using some water, canoe, oars.... bring the water/lake into the building and name/logo.



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