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Health Care & Biotech

About Your Company

Our company is a health clinic located in Surabaya, Indonesia. It will be the first health clinic equipped with all women staffs and specialists, including breast and general surgery, obstetrics and gynecology, medical oncology, as well as internist. Subsequently, the health clinic is specialized only for women patients as well. The health clinic will provide information, screening, and examination using modern and advance technology. Our treatments include X-rays, medical ultrasound, chemotherapy, mammography, mammotome, core biopsy, surgery, and so on. Besides providing curative treatments to women’s diseases, we also encourage preventive treatments, such as screening for breast cancer and HPV vaccine.
Our founders are highly inspired by the existing phenomenon in Indonesia, specifically Surabaya. Someone’s health is not merely about the physical state, it is also highly related to the social and mental issues. Religion and cultural background of the individual, for example, could act as determining factors for women patients in Surabaya. Breasts are women’s intimate and sexual organ that is perceived as taboo to talk about. This resulted in an inconvenience of being examined, especially by a male doctor. Moreover, cancer is seen as a deadly disease, that even the word ‘cancer’ itself has become very frightening. Therefore, most women tend to refuse to do examination because they are afraid of the result.
By providing a women health clinic, we want to accommodate all women communities in Surabaya to obtain information and undergo treatments about women’s diseases. The ‘by women to women’ principle will lead us to not only performing safe procedure, but also assuring a comfortable, sympathetic, and supportive ambience for our patients. In doing so, we also collaborate with Dr. Ong from Concord International Hospital in Singapore.
We are currently looking for name ideas for our health clinic. We think that there are two possible scenarios for ideal names. First, the one that explicitly has “women” and another word in it—to openly emphasize that we are health clinic for women. And second, the one that does not include the word “women” but is using other words that could instantly imply womanhood, elegance, modern, and precision in treatment to the audience.
We also would like our brand name to be easy to remember and easy to pronounce. Something simple but remarkable. Indonesians mother tongue is not English, so we try to avoid confusion by using difficult terms.


URL required
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Target Audience

Our health clinic will be located strategically in central Surabaya, the second biggest metropolitan city in Indonesia. The location is well surrounded by shopping malls, train station, and central business district. Considering that we will be the first health clinic specializing in women patients with all women staffs and specialists, we are aiming towards a rather specific demographic scope. We target women aged 20 to 60 who are fully aware of their health and wellbeing. Besides giving treatment to patients of cancer who are already in the late stage, we also want our audience to undergo an early detection at their own will.
Our audiences are those from high and middle high socioeconomic status, those who believe that being healthy is the most important thing in life. And therefore, would be willing to pay for more if it is truly worth it. Most of them even have schedule in which they go abroad to Singapore to do medical check-up, because they feel that the health service in Surabaya is not adequate enough. We want to capture them and show them that our health clinic is the best option they have in the city, especially because we also have a collaboration with Dr. Ong from Concord International Hospital in Singapore. Our audiences are modern and active women, those who are loving, caring, and passionate about something. Our audiences have good knowledge and understanding about current issues because they look up to reliable information.

  • http://www.rsonkologi.com/

    As the name suggest, Rumah Sakit Onkologi (Oncology Hospital) in an integrated hospital specializing in cancer-related treatments. Overall, Rumah Sakit Onkologi offers similar treatments to our health clinic. They benefit from being a hospital, which could perform more complex procedure compared to our health clinic. However, the added value of our health clinic is that we have all women specialist and specifically target women patients. We can assure that the treatments are not merely safe, but are conducted within a comfortable, sympathetic, and supportive ambience for our patients.

  • http://www.ahcc.co.id/

    Adi Husada Cancer Center is one of the services provided by Adi Husada Hospital. While the hospital has been running for more than 90 year, the cancer center is established last year in 2017. It claims to be the first integrated cancer center in Surabaya. Similar to our first competitor, it benefits from the advantage of being a hospital. While our health clinic has an added value of being the first health clinic that specifically target women patients.

  • http://www.national-hospital.com/

    National Hospital is a first-class hospital located in West Surabaya. It is surrounded by the first-class housings, private schools and universities, and business district. The physical building is exclusive and elegance—implying modern healthcare that they provide. It is currently the go-to hospital for Surabaya people with high socioeconomic status. Our health clinic might be not as exclusive and elegance as National Hospital is, but we provide more modern technology and well qualified specialists.

Creative should NOT use

Please avoid generic terms related to women, such as ‘beauty’, ‘beautiful’, ‘female’, ‘girl’ and such. We would like terms that could eloquently imply womanhood, elegance, modern, and precision in treatments to the audience, but not using that direct and exact terms.

Favorite taglines

Healing Hands. Caring Hearts.
Healthcare that Cares.
Inspiring Better Health.
Minds that cure. Hearts that care.
Passionate About Medicine. Compassionate About People.
The Heart of Your Healthcare.


The impression we are trying to make is that our health clinic provides professional and comfortable treatments by all well-qualified women specialists with modern technology.

Top 3 Things

Women healthcare, Precision, Comfortable



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