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Marine Mills Folk School is an experiential (hands on) learning center offering intergenerational teaching and learning with a place -based focus on the culture, history, natural environment, and traditional arts and crafts of the St. Croix Valley (Minnesota) and its peoples.

Our desired outcome is joyful, non-competitive learning. We will be offering classes on wooden boat building, knitting, weaving, canoeing, leather working, and bee keeping. Our teachers are local artisans and professional teachers with interests in traditional arts and crafts.

Our target market will initally be retired and semi-retired individuals looking for a community of active life-long learners, next families or adults looking to create memories through doing something together.

We are located in the nationally protected wild river St. Croix River valley, which has long been a destination for people from the Twin Cities of St. Paul and Minneapolis looking for recreational opportunites and nature.

Our name Marine Mills Folk School is a play on the lumbering heritage of the area (sawmill was located on river near our location in 1800's), plus former name of our City was 'Marine Mills' then changed in early 1900's to 'Marine on St. Croix' to emphasize beauty and recreational opportunities rather than industrial, plus 'mills' implies making things which is what ours students will be nominally doing (along with creating community and gaining a sense of accomplishment through learning new skills)


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Marine Mills Folk School

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learning by doing, traditional arts& crafts, nature


I like vintage mood created by posters of ski resorts (European and US) from early to mid-1900's, although not sure how would use for a traditional arts & crafts school. I like simple, use of white space. I like focus on graphic rather than text



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