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Superior Products Company is a family owned beverage distributorship in Northern California. We carry a wide range of products and have been in existence since the 1940s and under current ownership since 1984. Please view our web site for a larger listing of products carried. We pride ourselves in carrying many of the top brands in various categories and are always on top of the latest trends. We do cover a large geographical footprint in Northern California (13 counties) and do not carry all of the brands shown on the website in every county. www.superiorproductsbev.com


We need a logo that is simple, elegant and instantly appealing. It will be featured on everything (ie. print flyers, invoices, our web site, fleet you name it - it will be there). We prefer clean lines as opposed to a busier look but definitely appreciate "classy" appearances. The goal is to make the logo flexible - looking great in Black and White is just as important as looking dynamite in Color. Because the logo needs to be able to be utilized in several manners we must be able to take a simple version of it that can be vinyl cut on our in house vinyl machine to put on all the doors in our fleet and we must also have high resolution quality to put it on various things we print in house.

We represent beverages of all kinds from soda to beer to wine to coffee to tea to waters to juices, etc you get the idea so our logo needs to really be all-encompassing.

There are many beverage distributor logos out there today we want something that stands out yet is simple and to the point. We service Northern California we call our 2 locations Valley and Mountain and an ideal logo would blend those two locations in concept the Valley area in Northern California and the mountain area around Mt. Lassen.

Format: AI (vector based), EPS, JPG, PSD. All work must be original do not submit any work that is created by others and you do not have full rights to. ***Note: For the right designer, this could lead to additional work in the future on our web site if interested*** We also might add additional awards to this project***

I really liked a few other projects and have seen good feedback on using a numbering system for evaluating submissions so we will do the same thing and have borrowed this ranking system from another project and we are going to be rating all logos based upon the following:

1: Not in the ballpark. Doesnt meet our requirements or simply doesnt come close to capturing our brand identity or culture.

2: In the parking lot. OK, you know where the ballpark is but you need to keep practicing if you want to make the team. Remember its not all about tailgating.

3: In the locker room. Great, you are on the team. Now suit up and hit the field, your play thus far may get you a place on the starting lineup.

4: Starting lineup. You have serious potential and we like your style.

5: All Pro, Baby! You are good. This has the potential to be a corporate logo


Our target market is our beverage retailers that we distribute our products too. We want to stand out as a premier, quality image distributor. We do not manufacture the products we sell rather we get them from the Manufacturer to the Retailer who in turn gets them to a consumer. So we want to be relevant to our established customer base.


In the past we have incorporated the letters S P and C in various layouts on a page focusing on our company name we like simplicity and that was easy to translate to graphics for our vehicles but we really want people to know we are an all purpose beverage provider more than just a few letters. There are many beverage distributor logos out there today it is easy to find them on the internet. Here are a few distributor sites we have seen that have some good examples of logos:




We have had ideas thrown around incorporating mountains in the background of a valley with company name on it. While we appreciate a classical approach to the style on the logo we really are wanting to see something of a more modern nature.


We MUST have our company name in the design it could actually be 2 designs (1 for our fleet and 1 for our letterhead, etc) if a simplified logo looks so good we simply add full company name beneath it on the fleet vehicles. The design must be simple and must work in two,three-color form like red, blue, black, since we will be putting it in vinyl cuts on our fleet and invoices too.



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