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Philips (big Royal Philips) is looking for a polo-shirt logo for an internal celebration of a completed project.

The project is the world-wide launch of a new medical ultrasound system (like what OB doctors use to image babies in mom's bellies) called the HD15.

The polo shirt will have an embroidered logo.

What I need:

* The logo must be 3 inch x 3 inch or less

* The logo must include the "PHILIPS" company name. The JPEG is attached.

* The logo must incorporate the following tagline without the quote marks: "My Philips HD15"

* The logo cannot be too complicated since it will be an embroidered logo.

* The logo graphic should incorporate some create and graphical implementation of the attached product image.

What I do and don't like:

* Don't want a technically accurate version of the product image. It would be too complicated and boring for a polo shirt.

* I want something that in simple and subtle that still conveys the essence of the product image. Line drawings perhaps?

The polo shirt will likely be a dark blue color. Navy blue or lighter.



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