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Mission: MuslimCorps is a non-profit organization committed to nurturing socially conscious American Muslim families and encouraging civic responsibility through answering the call to service.

We aim to provide an opportunity for all American Muslims to serve the unmet needs of our local communities, be consistent in our commitment, and make the process simple for those who want to help.

As Muslims, service for those in need is a part of fulfilling our spiritual and social obligations. As Americans, we have been called by our President to do our part to build a new foundation for economic growth in our nation through acts of service.

How does MuslimCorps Work?: MuslimCorps is dedicated to fulfilling a simple mission. We seek to provide an opportunity for Muslim American families to help those in their towns and cities who are in need. We want to be consistent in answering the call to service, however, we also want to make the process simple for busy families with busy schedules.

The concept is simple. Each local MuslimCorps chapter selects 12 local charity, non-profit or civic organizations to partner with. Each of these partner organizations will address the needs of the local population at a grassroots level. Every month, in partnership with one of the chosen organizations, a project is selected and MuslimCorps members and their families participate in an organized Monthly Service Project. In this way, each MuslimCorps chapter fulfills 12 volunteer community projects every year.

Who are American Muslims?: We are proud American citizens who come from diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. We are mothers, fathers, husbands and wives. We are doctors, lawyers, teachers, and artists. We are members of the Armed Services and public officials. We are your neighbors and fellow Americans.

What are American Muslims families concerned about?: American Muslim families care about the welfare of our country and its people. We believe in the power of family and community. We believe that family values matter and we believe that every American should have the opportunity to pursue the American ideal of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. Like many other Americans, we also believe that these values can not be achieved through judgment and isolation but rather through collective action that empowers every American familiy to have the opportunity to teach these values to our children.

That is why we support and care about finding ways to make life easier for each other so that American families have the opportunity to spend quality time together as a families and communities, sharing meals and stories. We want to work together with our neighbors to ensure that all parents are able to earn a living wage, so that they can come home at night and help their child with their homework. We want to make sure that people are not forced to make the heartbreaking decision between paying for their mortgage or for paying for health insurance. Most of all, we want to participate in keeping alive Americas great legacy of inclusiveness and opportunity for all of its people.


We are looking for a logo that represents our organization and its mission. We would like to use this logo on our print materials, website (which we are also looking to design in the near future) and internet based applications. We would like for our logo to help us in creating our brand and getting attention from out target audience. As a non-profit that has just been formed, we are on a very limited budget and truly appreciate any great design ideas that are put forth.


We are looking to attract professional American Muslims and their friends, other local non-profit organizations, institutions and foundations that we can partner with and potential funders.


We appreciate a clean and modern aesthetic.

We were thinking about a blue color palette but are open to other colors.


We would like to avoid any designs that are overtly "exotic" or "foreign" seeming. We would like for our design to communicate the aesthetic of the modern American Muslim - someone who cares about the community at large in which she or he lives.

Also, as inspiration we really feel that the following parable represents the core of who we are:

As Muslims, service for those in need is a part of fulfilling our spiritual and social obligations. A man once asked the Prophet Muhammad which manifestation of Islam is the most virtuous. The Prophet replied, That you feed the people, and that you greet those whom you know and those that you do not know. Implicit in this saying is not only the duty to serve those who are hungry and suffering but also a religious obligation to get to know our neighbors and our communities so that we may better understand each other and the particular needs of our local communities the people that we come across on the street every day.

Thank you in advance for considering our project. We look forward to seeing your designs. Please feel free to contact us with any questions.



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