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The Positive Spin is a new company focused on promoting a very subtle, yet powerful message of choosing positivity over negativitybit by bitat least more often than not. Lets face it, the world is a scary place, the economys in the crapper, and the depressing list goes on. We think a lot of people are flat out tired of complaining over and over about the same things--society is reaching its breaking point. True, some negativity addicts continue to operate on this downslide--and because most of the media only reports on terror, horrific images, negative politics and so on, a lot of people are stuck in this depressing cycle. However, we feel strongly that that more & more people these days are looking for a way to break this pattern. So many are seeking shinier outlook, or at least better ways to cope with both individual & societal tough times. Maybe they just want to let go of some road rage, or don't want to snap at their kids as much. Or maybe they have a friend or neighbor who constantly brings them down with bad vibes and they'd like to give them a hint. But please dont get us wrong. We know there are serious problems all over the world. Our message is not nave, Pollyanna-brand positivity, nor are we telling folks to abandon their causes. Ours is just a basic message to try and lighten up every so often, & not take every single little thing SO seriously. Smile a few more times a day, be a little nicer to peopleor heck, just make eye contact here and there and dont complain as much. Any little improvement, no matter how small, is exactly that: an improvement! Life is not an all-or-nothing game, so drop the guilt. We are not trying to tell anyone what to believe and we are certainly never going to proclaim that a little positive thinking can turn "Oscar the Grouch" into "Elmo". We are firmly rooted in reality, but we also know that a growing number of people desperately want an upbeat message and would rather "use the force than "turn to the dark side. We also think they might love to make a statement...especially if it was subtle, stylish, and more importantly, did NOT have a religious, ethnic, gender, or political-based bias.

The word spin implies movement. We know that life is ever-changing--never static. Our view is that, with a few little tweaks here and there, you can still be on the up & up, even when youre not really feelin it. All of us have crappy days and dark times. Yet, we get through them, and darn it, were stronger for it. The Positive Spin also implies the pay it forward ideathat every teeny tiny bit of random goodness you put forth comes back to you, while upping your overall contentment factor along the way.

Our theme is definitely similar to the Life is Good brand (www.lifeisgood.com). However, we are targeting a younger, more style-conscious audience.


A logo, for the moment. This is the first brick in the foundationwe will be coming back to cS as soon as this project is done, to post the next design projects for website, apparel and more. The hope is to connect with some great creatives who are inspired by this way of thinking and who can take this idea and run with it. The goal is to expand our brand and its message, while making people happier along the way. We are currently in the process of trademarking the name and other slogans in multiple languages.


Milennials, Gen Yers and later Gen Xersages 16 40as well as others who like fresh, clean design and dig a more positive outlook.


Please see the attached doc, "Logo Likes & Dislikes"


We think we want a mix of organic and geometric design elements. Would like something that incorporates a few colors, but that can also be printed in black and white without compromising the design. This logo will be going on stickers and apparel. The initial image will have the name "the positive spin" included, but the image should still be distinct enough to stand on its own, so we can eventually drop the name and use just the image in other upcoming design combinations and with other slogans.

We DO NOT want any kind of cutesy or hokey feel. Nothing new age-y, country or trippy. NO pastels, stick figures, or hand drawn flowers. Nothing too delicate, frilly or busy. Essentially, we want a fairly simple, unisex, smart design. We hope that some people will want to buy the apparel for just the look, some, for mainly the message, and some, both the former and the latter.

For the lettering of The Positive Spin, we are not sure whether we like upper- or lower-case, or a combo, so please show us variations. It will probably depend on the size, as well as the font used. As for color, we are open, but do NOT want the main color of the design to be red.



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