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Tell us what you need

What is the exact name you would like in your logo?

Library -- Metropolitan State University

What is your industry?

Education and Universities

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

1. We are a forward thinking and evolving academic library.

We provide resources such as books, ebooks, and electronic journal articles in addition to numerous services to facilitate learning, personal growth, and intellectual exploration. Our library offers online (via chat and email) and face-to-face research assistance, technology assistance and training, courses on conducting research, over 140 research databases containing high quality scholarly content that isnt free or findable on the open web, and individual and group study spaces on-site.

And as means and modes of information access, dissemination, and publication changeand they are changing constantly and rapidlywe will be there to support our patrons. While we are very much rooted in traditional library values, we are also forward thinking and ready to embrace appropriate, new technologies.

2. We are welcoming and customer service oriented.

We love to meet with our library patrons, whether it is in person or online and whether the question is big or small. We take pride in our work and like to consider ourselves as accessible and down-to-earth and fun, rather than overly formal. The library building itself is new and attractive, and most students express positive feelings about the libraryit is a source of pride at the university.

3. All of our users are importantwe strive to empower them.

Our university is a public institution that was only founded in the early 1970s and is an urban campus with a high percentage of working adult students; it is where life and learning meet. As such, the library serves as the information hub for a diverse population of learners on and off each campus. <http://www.metrostate.edu/msweb/resource...> These learners and the surrounding community are diverse in almost every conceivable way, e.g., race, ethnicity, age, economic status, veterans, parents, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, country of origin, etc.

Through the provision of our services and collections, the library seeks to realize the universitys vision of an anti-racist learning community that demonstrate[s] an unwavering commitment to civic engagement. <http://www.metrostate.edu/msweb/choose/a...>

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

We will be using the logo in a variety of media, including a newsletter, social media profiles, a website <http://www.metrostate.edu/library>, licensed databases, and printed handouts. As such, a rectangular image + text-style logo is our preference.

The words and the image should be separate in the logo (see the Drexel example below) so that the words can be cropped when needed. The image in the logo should be of square proportion. For example, we may use the image in the logo as our Facebook profile picture, which is 180x180 and scales down to 32x32 for the thumbnail, and favicon.

Here are examples of other academic libraries that have logos that are distinct from a primary university logo:

Drexel University: http://www.library.drexel.edu/
Mankato State University Library: http://lib.mnsu.edu/
College of DuPage: http://www.cod.edu/library/
University of Texas at Austin: http://www.lib.utexas.edu/

Of these, we probably prefer the style of Drexels and DuPages.

Note that the exact name we would like in our logo (entered as Library -- Metropolitan State University) can be separated in ways other than with a dash. For example, the word Library can appear on a line above the words Metropolitan State University.

Do you have any other info or links you want to share?

During the last year, we conducted several usability tests on our website. Based on the results of those tests and of similar tests performed on our website by graduate students, we believe that a library logo would strengthen our brand and make it easier for us to promote our services within the university. Since the librarys web presence is so large and complex, we feel that a library-specific logo would improve the navigation of our site and make it easier for library users to stay oriented while visiting our pages.

Our web presence consists of four major components. The logo will be used in all four places to brand the library:

1. Website: http://www.metrostate.edu/library
This is the hub and starting pointing for students, faculty, and staff accessing our research collections (books, databases, streaming film, etc.) and online help (chatting or emailing a librarian for research assistance). We are able to edit and add content to the area below the title Library and Information Services and to the left of the Resources navigation menu.

Note that the main university website <http://www.metrostate.edu/>, of which the librarys website is a part, will be redesigned soon. We do not know what the redesign will look like at this point. As such, do not be tethered to the look and feel of the website.

2. LibGuides: http://libguides.metrostate.edu/
LibGuides serves two functions: it provides an A-Z listing of our research databases <http://libguides.metrostate.edu/database...> and it offers subject guides for library resources appropriate for research in various academic and professional disciplines <http://libguides.metrostate.edu/home>. LibGuides is a licensed service that we have the capability to brand and customize (as you can see).

3. Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/metrostatelibrar...
We use Facebook as one way to inform the university community of news and events, such as reduced hours during academic breaks and new books.

4. Research databases: http://libguides.metrostate.edu/database...
We license over 140 research databases from a variety of information providers. Each of these databases provides the library with various degrees of customization and branding. These are inaccessible to unaffiliated users off-campus.

We also have an online presence in/at:
* An internal staff wiki
* Twitter (@metrostatelib)
* Flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/metrolib

Note that, according to OCLCs Perceptions of Libraries report (2010) <http://www.oclc.org/reports/2010percepti...>, the word that people most commonly associate with libraries is books. So on one hand, the book works as an image for libraries because it is iconic and symbolically stands for the larger whole, i.e. the library. On the other hand, todays academic library is much more than books (see our aforementioned top three things). While we welcome submissions for logos that contain book imagery, we also invite submissions that contain other imagery.

There are university standards that may be used to guide potential designs. The standards are required for the universitys visual identity, but not for the universitys individual units; thus, you are not required to use the official university fonts and colors in your design proposal(s). We leave this up to you: You may feel that the librarys logo should be completely distinct from the universitys overall visual identify to clearly brand the library within the organization. Or, you may feel that the librarys logo should demonstrate some sort of visual connection to the whole university; if so, the following standards are available for your use:

* The universitys official fonts are Minion Pro and Myriad Pro; acceptable alternatives are Times New Roman and Arial.

* The universitys official principal and intermediate colors are blue.

Principal blue:
Pantone 295; C=100, M=57, Y=0, K=40; R=0, G=68, B=124;Web Safe=00447C

Intermediate blue:
Pantone 293; C=100, M=57, Y=0, K=2; R=0, G=103, B=177; Web Safe=0067B1

* The universitys secondary color palette contains four colors:
Pantone 1805; C=18, M=93, Y=100, K=8; R=204, G=51, B=51; Web Safe=CC3333
Pantone 421; C=0, M=0, Y=0, K=26; R=196, G=198, B=200; Web Safe=C4C6C8
Pantone 142; C=0, M=28, Y=76, K=0; R=255, G=204 B=102; Web Safe=FFCC66
Pantone 7506; C=0, M=5, Y=15, K=0; R=255, G=255, B=204; Web Safe=FFFFCC



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