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Dogs for Conservation

What are the top 3 things you would like to communicate through your logo?

Logo should use earthy, natural colors (blue, hunter green, tan, browns, black). Must have a DOG in it, either alone, or conveying relationship to Planet.Wildlife, etc. (see project description below).
Examples of logos I like are attached, my FAVORITE of all of these is the "Save-A-Vet"
logo.... I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.
Dogs that represent this kind of work include labs, shepherds, maybe terriers (like jack russels), great pyrenees, anatolian shepherds, and the good old MUTT, so any of these could work as an image I think.

What logo styles do you like (image + text, image only, text only, etc.)

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I have decided to start pursuing a rather ambitious project and would love some help with a logo. My husband and I are involved in conservation work in southern Africa. We get to travel to amazing places and meet incredibly dedicated people who sacrifice everything to try and protect the unique and dwindling Wildlife populations in their care. I am starting a NON-PROFIT "Dogs for Conservation" program in southern Africa to serve African countries that could use the help of dogs trained for conservation related tasks such as scat and ivory detection, anti-poaching and livestock guardian.
To give you a bit more information for those who do not know... A SCAT DETECTION DOG is a dog specially trained to locate, well, poop. This might sound weird at first, but it is an incredibly useful tool for many biologists studying endangered species because it gives them an idea of how many animals may be in a specific area, and from the poop they can determine many other things like differentiate between individuals, determine sex, pregnancy, etc. Some dogs have been trained to find WHALE POOP in the OCEAN!!
ANTI-POACHING DOGS are specially trained to help game rangers track and arrest poachers. In Africa this is a constant battle, and the rangers lives are constantly in danger. A tracking dog is extremely useful to these brave folks who are protecting our Wildlife!!
LIVESTOCK GUARDIAN DOGS are bred and trained to protect livestock. At first this might not seem related to Conservation, but in a place like Namibia where the highly endangered Cheetah is considered a nuisance animal to farmers who shoot them because it occasionally kills livestock... these dogs have kept the livestock AND the Cheetahs alive.
There are still other variations to this kind of training that can be applied to Conservation. Some dogs are being trained to find invasive weeds that are taking over natural flora. Dogs were trained to find Sea Turtle nests when the BP Disaster occurred, saving thousands of Sea Turtle hatchlings from certain death. I met a dog once that was trained to locate the highly endangered, but highly dangerous, Gaboon Viper!!
As you can see, the only limitation is your imagination. There is no technology yet today that is as efficient and accurate as a dog's nose. Most of the time when biologists or Wildlife Reserves in Africa require the services of a specially trained dog, they must buy a trained dog from Europe, Australia or the USA. This is incredibly costly!! I am ready to use my time and personal finances to assist in this cause. I have an extensive background working with wildlife, and have also spent a lot of time studying dog training as a side hobby. I feel that I am in a good position to make a significant difference by starting an organization in Southern Africa, and being able to breed (and/or use rescue dogs) and train the dogs in Africa, thereby reducing the costs often associated with sending dogs from the USA or other countries, as well as reduced operating costs.
There are only a handful of organizations specializing in training dogs for Conservation work specifically. I have already begun my own training process, and it will involve meeting and shadowing a few of these existing programs in the USA. 2012 starts me off in Seattle to train with the reputable Working Dog Consultants Jen & Steve White from www.i2ik9.com. We have scheduled a structured program specifically for this cause so that I can learn everything it takes to choose, train and handle these unique and special dogs. I will be spending a lot of time in Seattle throughout 2012 working with the White's to expand my training abilities.
In February I have been invited by the prestigious Cheetah Conservation Fund to go to their base in Namibia where they are expecting the arrival of two new scat-detection dogs from Australia! I will also be paying close attention to their very successful Livestock Guardian Dog program : http://www.cheetah.org/?nd=guarding_dog_....
In March or April I expect to be heading to Oregon to visit the University of Washington's Conservation Canines at work on a project detecting Deer and Cougar scat!! http://conservationbiology.net/conservat...
As you can see this project is about to be in full swing!! I am working right now to establish non-profit status in the USA, but most of 2012 will be a training year and trying to locate a base for this project. I also hope to identify and adopt/purchase a dog or two that can start being trained and become the first official canine team members!!
I have a fundraising page here: http://www.gofundme.com/auf7k



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