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Essentially this is for the creation of two logos, that will share a good portion of the colors and style between them.

This will be for both Cornerstone Angels and for Cornerstone Opportunity Partners. There are ties between the two organizations, but they are different and as such there needs to be some subtle differences between the two designs although you should be able to leverage majority of your work across both of these.

Let me tell you about us:

Cornerstone Angels is a private investment organization composed of successful business executives and entrepreneurs. Our focus is on early stage high growth companies, and offering ability to invest dollars, but also to provide experienced mentors and advisors to support growth. The group may invest along, or along with other investors, whether they be individuals, family offices, or smaller venture or institutional investor groups. We prefer to invest within the Midwest, but will look at opportunities across the US based upon a warm referral. We are a membership based organization, and our members get together to screen and evaluate deals, investigate opportunities, and under a social and networking context as well. The current website is at www.cornerstonenangels.com so you can learn more. We will be doing total revamp of this site, so please do not take cues from any cues here. To learn more info about similar groups, you can visit, www.angelcapitalassociation.org.

Cornerstone Opportunity Partners is a sister organization, but has a more formalized structure in making investments, similar to a fund, and will not only look to be involved in earlier stage companies, but may get involved in some later stage companies along with a partner. The group caters to same basic audiences as Cornerstone Angels although with this group, we will reach out to more people outside of our member Cornerstone Angels group to get involved. More traditional venture firms and associated logos can be found at www.nvca.org

Our target audience is:

We have two distinct audiences: the investors and entrepreneurs. Investors are may be individual investors, family offices, members of venture firms or other investment groups. Our goal with investors is to attact them to the group to get involved and to become a member. And in that process, we want them to learn about the group, inquire about our processes and investments, about future meeting to attend, and then ultimately to join, and then become active. The key point is that these are successful individuals, and can be either an entrepreneur or a professional, and there is a mix of current working as well as retired individuals. We look to attract both men and women, with experience across various industries and functional disciplines.

For entrepreneurs, we want to attract them to us in their search for capital and their need for assistance in their growth plans. We want them to know about our existence, our key focus areas, what our investment process is, and how we are value-add to them. We want to get them to submit their information so that we can review them, as well as provide an environment where we can continue to interact with them over time, whether we fund them at first or not.

We like these designs:

Design should be clean and professional looking, while making a bold statement. I like earth and nature related colors, and likely feel comfortable with greens, blues, and browns.

Our design absolutely must have:

The output for both logos should be a Vector graphic submitted as an Illustrator or Freehand EPS with fonts converted to curves (outlines), in CMYK format and high enough quality for both smaller and larger sizes. Also provide as .jpgs and as black and whites.



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