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The Challenge: 28 million women in the U.S. do not participate in the labor force. Many of them left jobs to give care to family members but then never came back - even after their caregiving responsibilities were over. It turns out the workplace is not an easy (or even appealing) place to go back to when you've been away from it for even as little as 1-2 years.

The Vision: We are building a platform that encourages these women to market the talents they have to their neighbors and communities. We are not looking to "skill up" women to prepare them for the workplace. We are creating a marketplace where they can monetize the skills they've already honed while away from the workforce. Those could be home organization skills, ability to teach music, coaching sports, editing college application essays, etc. We aim to give them another kind of opportunity - one that utilizes the skills they already have and allows their communities to benefit from their talents.

The Product: We are building a website and app-based platform where women can set up a storefront for their services, connect to potential buyers in their communities, and get the tools and advice they need to build their business. Our product aims to inspire women to enter the marketplace and gives them the tools and confidence to do it.


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Top 3 Things

1- Should lean feminine (w/out being exclusively feminine) (think Pinterest)
2- Modern but with some warmth and approachability (we are a tech company but not for techies)
3- Should feel aspirational to budding small business owners (Not Angie's list, NOT craigslist, think Etsy)


To our target--a 35 year old woman in Southern California who left the workforce to give care--she will see this logo and it will make her think two things: I can start a business, and this platform can be my partner.

Additional Info

Please avoid stereotypical women emblems: stilettos, purse, jewelry, anything motherhood related. When in doubt, think entrepreneur first (not women or mom first). We want the site to allow women to be defined by their talents, not their relationships.



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