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I am starting a global healthcare advisory company based in Australia that will help network leading scientists and their inventions to commercial partners in the US and abroad. The mission of the company is to collaborate with scientific experts and business leaders to commercialize next generation medical technologies to improve outcomes in difficult diseases. Our expertise is commercialization. We specialize in strategy, capital strategy and fund raising, business planning, networking, and the development of business acumen skills for scientific institutions and start ups that have drugs or devices that are seeking commercial partners. For industry, we scout and value assets that may enhance or compliment their pipelines. We also build and support productive collaborations between the healthcare industry and leading scientific institutions. Our target audience is therefore: Academic institutions, fortune 1000 healthcare companies, Venture Capital Firms, and private investors.


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Identifying commercial pathways for healthcare innovations

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Innovation in Science


A feeling of Sophistication, modern, collaboration, passion, communication, intelligence

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Our company's mission is to be part of the evolution of healthcare that is seeking to significantly improve how we treat and manage serious diseases like cancer, cardiovascular disease, diabetes. Our company is named after Aulus Cornielius Celsus, who wrote the first known version of medical text called De Medicina ( in1478) in ancient roman times. I like being named after someone who made such a significant contribution to medicine, I really want to avoid being associated with the thousands of start up healthcare companies that are spending a lot of money and yet not really changing anything. For our logo, I wonder if there is a way to capture the spirit of an innovator from ancient roman times in an effort to inspire the innovation of the future. Aulus was in innovative thinker in 1478 and some of his medical approaches lasted well into the 19th centurey. Since then we have learned so much, we have better diagnostics, new technology, better data, and we should be able to follow his example and innovate. I also like the name of our company because it has the AU for Australia and ends with the US for United States. I am American and my business partner (who is also my husband) is Australian. One of our differentiators is that we are bringing our healthcare expertise and network from America to Australia and vice versus. This is why we chose the colors red and blue above, HOWEVER we are agnostic and open to your creativity here. We do not need red and blue. Finally I like the name because it sounds like, "all us" which means collaboration and teamwork to me. At AULUS we will build collaborations with the most intelligent and sophisticated scientist and business leaders that are really going to change the field of healthcare. For example, our first meeting is next week with a cancer institute that has found a new pathway for treating cancer. Additionally as a primarily consulting and advising company, we value networking smart people together to build on this endeavor. Meaningful innovation will happen faster if we bring the smartest people together versus everyone trying to do it on their own. Our logo should inspire clients to work with us because it conveys our expertise, intelligence and passion for healthcare innovation.



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