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Hey! I'm Andrew and I wrote/produced a bunch of music for the Nintendo Wiiware game `Pop'. The game has since been released on iPhone, and is coming out on DSi soon, and I'm releasing the full soundtrack onto iTunes & other online music networks. Due to the intricacies of writing for the Nintendo, the best version of the music I could get is actually recorded directly out of the Nintendo Wii- using the actual samples from the game (<10 megabytes of source material!) So it doesn't sound like your typical studio release. It's a very low-budget production, though I've had many positive reviews about the music in the game, so thought I should see how the tracks would go as a soundtrack. The name of the album is Remote Control; which pays reference to the whole Nintendo Wii controller thing, and has a few other levels too if you want artistic depth ;-) (The audio production was done in Brisbane, with the devkit in Sydney, so I couldn't hear any of what I'd even written properly until the Game co emailed me an mp3... so that's kind of part of the inspiration)

My production outfit is called Beat Therapy. I have a basic logo on my website (beattherapy.com) and I kind of like the colour scheme there, though I'm totally open to new ideas. (as I have so few) ;-). My musical background is pretty computer-centric, I play keyboard and started writing on the Amiga 500... so you could go for an 80's retro pixel-art angle if you like... Or the cassette tape thing in the current logo. Something with a slightly retro flavour, but hi-tech as well... I like the Cooper Black font, though that's probably to do with my limited supply of fonts. A few of the tracks can be heard on Youtube:

http://www.youtube.c ..._i_c&feature=related


(you can hear more if you follow the related links, ot look up my account on youtube: beattherapydotcom) While neat lines and cool graphics skills certainly appeal, there's no reason you couldn't use photography if you had an idea- I hope I'm not being too vague! Required format: From the musicadium site: "This file must be at least 600 pixels wide and 600 pixels high at a minumum of 300 DPI." So it's square, and needs to be pretty high res. The higher the better I suppose (within normal bounds!) Would be good to cater for future print purposes, in case physical CD albums ever get done...

Initial plan is for digital release only.

Definite required elements: The Artist & Album name: Beat Therapy // Remote Control ... It might be good to leave some room somewhere in the layout for additional text (just in case) - (I expect for the first year or so to have a "As heard on the Nintendo Wiiware Game "Pop"!" or similar splash... but would like to remove it later. (I can do that myself) Thank you for considering this project! =) If you have any questions please get in touch. Andrew =) Beattherapy.com



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