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We are an education company that sells a product called Inform in the K-12 market space.

Inform is a data warehouse and assessment platform allowing school districts to import assessment results from any source into the system for disaggregation.

We are looking to redesign the icons on our website (see the attachments).

As it stands right now, we seem to be lacking an overall icon theme/scheme (look?). A lot of our icons, while relevant in their design, are either too busy, involve too many colors that compete with each other, or simply do not work well together.

What we are looking for is a series of icons that are relevant (visually associated with the tasks they perform) and uniform in their design and look.

These icons will essentially help us complete the new look and feel of our website.

The icons will be clicked primarily by educators in the K-12 market space.

We need 26 icons for our websites User Interface. However, more importantly, we are really trying to capture an icon concept/theme/scheme for our site.

From our site, icons #17 through #21 (a series of report buttons) seem to have captured a type of uniform feel that we like, and we would like to continue that sense of continuity throughout the entire site.

Just to be clear, while icons #17 through #21 have captured a relevant/uniform feel, we are willing to sacrifice those icons and the concept behind them for a better concept/theme for the entire site. Or, a creative user on Crowd-Spring could run with the basic concept behind #17 through #21, and apply it to the other 21 icons.

The icons requested must be in 24x24 pixel format, with the ability to scale down to 16 x 16 in certain cases.

In addition, one uniform skinning convention should also be provided for the entire icon set to overlay on an icon to represent them when they are depressed.



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