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Humanitarian Publishing/content. Target audience: nonfiction readers, current event/issue readers, activists broad appeal, also appeal to young people



Topic: Modern strategies for establising world peace and sustainable humanitarian societies, the One Family activism movement. Author is Jay Deva. Will be published through Createspace/Kindle direct and Ingram Spark



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Abstract, Economical, Youthful, Feminine, Organic, Serious, Minimal, Modern
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Title: The One Family Movement (Federation font used in interior title pages; Undercover font for 'Movement') I like the Federation font for the Title, possibly.
Subtitle: A New Plan to Establish World Peace, Unity, and Sustainable Humanitarian Societies (Yu Gothic Medium Font used in interior title page).
Author Name: Jay Deva.
Rear cover text file will be provided.
I have several possible Image Logos-One Family Symbols/mandalas (original paitings), scenery sky and cloud photos possible for background (or faded background texture), etc.. Also thinking of images of the Earth, World Map, Blueprints.
Wilson Publishing Logo Provided
Rear Barcode Images provided
Web address provided in rear cover file: www.onefamilymovement.com
Artist can use my art/pics (all are mine) or do something different. I would like to possibly incorporate one of the One Family symbols/drawings or a new form of it on the cover in some form or size. I am thinking of the 'human-form' one family symbol, with the Earth for a head, for the cover and or back cover (file: hfm mandala 6 600 clr m4)
Modern and progressive, quantum leap, new era feel, also appealing to youth as well as adults, and broad spectrum of readers. Sophisticated, artistic yet poised. nonfiction genre-appropriate look.

Top 3 Things

-One Worldwide human Family
-The Unification of Humanity
-A Bright Future of Peace, Harmony, Sustainability, and Intelligence for Humanity

Additional Info

pdf press quality needed for print on demand, two versions needed (I can provide official templates if needed): createspace (250 pgs) 5.5x8.5 black and white on white stock; ingram spark (250 pgs) 5.5x8.5 black and white on white stock. [spines differ slightly]. I will provide rear cover text, cover also needs provided isbn barcode, web address, publisher logo, possible rear-cover art/symbols from those provided.



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