What are the differences between project packages?

We are proud to offer three types of project packages, one of which is perfect for you! If you are looking for the prices for the different packages, please click here.

I. Silver projects - If budget is your primary concern, then Silver projects are the best choice. Silver projects include certain project management tools such as a limited focus group, payment and escrow features, a free legal contract, and a great guarantee!


 Silver projects are great for companies that don't require privacy in their projects. Optional features in Silver projects include: search engine exclusion ($39), Unlimited Focus group ($29) private gallery, as well as basic ($49) and advanced promotion packages ($99).

II. Gold Projects - Need privacy and want to accessorize your project? Many companies need additional privacy features and greater control over their projects. For example, if you are an agency, you're worried that your campaign may leak out before its time. If you are a startup, you're worried that the competition may get a peek at what you're up to. Gold projects also include several amazing project management tools included in its price. Gold projects include an unlimited focus group, basic promotion package, payment and escrow features, non-disclosure agreements, private creative brief (only visible to NDA signatories), a free legal contract, and a great guarantee!

Optional features in Gold projects include: platinum creatives tool, presentation feature, private gallery, search engine exclusion, as well as advanced promotion packages


Some companies need even more privacy and control over their projects. Almost from the day we launched, many companies, brands, and advertising agencies have asked us if we can give them greater privacy features and greater control over projects. Platinum projects have all the bells and whistle and include ALL of our tools and features in the cost. Platinum projects can run for a full month and have the option to only work with Platinum Creatives.


Platinum projects offer a great way to crowdsource product or packaging design, or a way to leverage our community without letting the general public see what you're up to until you're ready. Buyers have full control over access to their Platinum project. They can admit participants automatically after a non-disclosure agreement is signed or can decide on a case-by-case basis. And once participants are admitted to a project, they can be removed by the Buyer and added back at any time. Buyers can decide whether Creatives can see one another's entries.

Platinum projects are automatically added to our search exclusion list so that they are not profiled in search engines. We've built a dynamic system of non-disclosure agreements to let you screen Creatives before they are permitted to participate in your project. Creatives will see a public description of the project and must agree to a non-disclosure agreement before they are permitted to see the full project brief and materials.

In Platinum projects, Buyers can determine whether the project has an open gallery or a private gallery. With a private gallery, only the buyer can see all of the submissions. Creatives will only see their own entries displayed in the gallery and no one else's.

Platinum projects also include Super Promotion, which gives you a feature on our homepage and browse, as well as the ability to send an invitation to the top creative with a click of a button. And your project is featured in our creative newsletter, and we'll tweet your project from our official Twitter feed

Platinum projects are also our longest projects - they can last up to 30 days.

And of course, Platinum projects have all of the great features we offer in Gold projects, including: customized legal agreements, full project management tools, robust notifications, great customer service and much more!

IV. - Express logo projects. Last but not least, we have Express logo projects. Express projects are great for buyers who are working on a tight budget or just need some revisions to an existing logo. These projects allow up to 5 Creatives to work in your project and have a duration of 5 days. Only the very best Creatives on crowdSPRING, those with ‘Platinum’ status, are eligible to participate and they will each be able to submit up to 5 designs.

Express logo projects are always Buyer Assured and are nonrefundable.

Last updated: 24-Mar-16 2:28 p.m. GMT

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