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Starts: 27-Jul-12 8:27 p.m. GMT

Ends: 15-Aug-12 11:59 p.m. GMT


Award 1: $1200, was awarded to nitrofr...

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A simple, intuitive and clean user interface design for a highly viral Facebook storytelling application.

Update 4-Aug-12 GMT
This award is NOW GUARANTEED. I am extending the project by a week because I am committed to providing quality, immediate feedback to my projects. I will be traveling next week and may require 24 hours to respond to new entries, so this will provide entrants a better ability to get and work with our feedback.

Thanks so much for your interest in the project!

Update 6-Aug-12 GMT
PROJECT UPDATE: Based on early feedback, here is further guidance for submissions...

1. DO NOT feel the need to stay too close to the design of the mock-ups provided. The best submissions will add significant original thinking of their own into their designs.

2. DO make sure there is a clear and compelling "call to action" to your submission. Users seeing the screen for the first time should immediately understand how - and be compelled - to explore their way through the different paths of content AND ULTIMATELY TO ADD CONTENT. The goal is that every visitor will ADD CONTENT. Content can be added in one of two ways: either in the form of a comment the users makes on one of the segments, or in the form of a new segment the user adds to the story at any point.

3. DO maximize the feeling of "flow" through the story. One metaphor that has worked well is to add some kind of CONNECTORS between the segments... instead of just butting them right up against each other. The connectors should give the feeling of moving along a PATH. The user can move forward or backward through the current story path on the screen... just like walking a path through the woods (I'm not suggesting to specifically use a "path in the woods" metaphor, but trying to illustrate the concept and feel). At different points along the path, the user may encounter "forks in the road" -- and at those points may choose to follow an alternative path (i.e., the arrows in the current mock-up). Choosing such an alternative path would produce the "lateral" navigation through the story path.

4. DO make as intuitive and effortless as possible the "lateral navigation" through the story -- i.e., when the user chooses an available "alternative path" to the one they are on... the new path should appear before them, slide into place, etc., in an intuitive, seamless manner. The user should easily be able to "back up" and get back to the original path just as easily, as well.

5. DO address the "vertical navigation" through the story path. What is shown on the mock-ups is only one screen-full of story segments... however, any given story path could be DOZENS of story segments long, requiring the user to move up and down through the current story path. This movement should also be very easy, intuitive and as seamless as possible. Facebook will require the app to work within a fixed canvas size, so this vertical navigation will require some kind of scrolling or pagination. Consider how the user moves forward and backward through the story (actually up and down in this case) with an intuitive and easy flow.

6. DO make the visual look of your submission as "cool / edgy" as possible -- something the target audience (older teens and younger adults) -- will respond to naturally.

7. DO consider the development implications of your designs. While we want great interactivity, we do NOT want to implement anything that will require Flash or any highly specialized or non-standard graphics tools.

Thank you again in advance for your submissions! We are very excited about the project and look forward to seeing more of your ideas.