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This might be confusing for people who never played WoW before so I've attached a jpg of the layout along with all the features/writing/links needed.

Let me tell you about us.

This site is for the game World of Warcraft. It's a site that will give people leveling routes that will help them go from level 1-70 in the fastest time possible.

It will actually keep track of the routes taken by players in the game and when someone searches for a leveling route for levels 1-10, for example, it will search for the person that went from 1-10 in the fastest time and display directions of every action that person made during those levels.

It's similar to driving directions you would get from maps.google.com.

We like these designs.

wowhead.com - Clean with dark colors that appeal to gamers.

www.wegame.com/ - YouTube style video site for gaming. Uses dark colors as well and has a very clean look.

http://www.wowdb.com/ - Idea ripped from wowhead. They made a prettier version of it.

http://www.worldofwarcraft.com/wrath/ - Give you a feel for the game you're dealing with. Very beautiful graphics. Dark colors. Mystical powers. Has beautiful enchant forests and dark evil dungeons.

Check out the cinematic trailers.


Just watch the "World of Warcraft Cinematic Trailer" (6th from bottom) and the " The Burning Crusade Cinematic Intro" (About halfway down)

As you hear in the Burning Crusade video, the guy says "You are not prepared". I want our Catch Phrase to be "Be Prepared".


The site must have a 2 advertisement slots TOGETHER. There needs to be a 728x90 ad on top of a 300x250. Ex. http://wow.allakhazam.com/

The design/layout attached was made only to SHOW you what kind of writing,features,links will be on the site. The layout and design can and should be changed.

In the "View Fastest Routes" box there should be 3 tabs which I didn't add. All, Alliance, Horde are the 3 tabs. Clicking on the tab will show the 5 fastest routes for Alliance and Horde, Just Alliance, and Just Horde, Respectively. There should also be a "Show More" link somewhere in case they don't like any of those 5 routes.

The logo already made does NOT need to be used but you can if you want.

Not sure what else I can say that the attached files won't already show you...

Feel free to be creative and if you think you can do something that will enhance the users experience, GO FOR IT!

P.S. Do NOT make it cartoony because you think only kids play video games. It is a very mature game and most gamers are 18-40 years old.

View .jpgs of the site at:



PSD attached.



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