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Braeside Farms Distillery, located in Oregons Pacific Northwest, is a small, boutique distillery of exclusive spirits. Spirits include: single malt, organic, Scotch-style whiskey; single barrel, organic, bourbon-style whiskey; and ultra-smooth potato vodka. All of these spirits will be available for pre-sale as futures. Other spirits will soon follow. Futures are available in limited quantities by the barrel, and will be ready for bottling starting in late 2011 and early 2012.

Braeside Farms is also a working farm with a small, exclusive CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) clientele, to which they deliver organic and biodynamically grown produce and meats. Braeside Farms has built their own stills to produce these spirits. The stills are fueled using farm-made biodiesel and wood waste. Most of the ingredients for the spirits are grown on the farm. By products from the distillery are used to feed animals and fertilize crops on the farm.


Website design mockup for distillery site including a unique home page and internal content pages. Site will be built in WordPress using the Thesis theme.

The design should focus on a light and dark theme, divided by type of spirits, with aged spirits pages having a dark, warm feeling (e.g., black background with white or light text, whiskey like; think Oregon Pacific Northwest inland, forest). Vodka pages should have a white, clean pristine feeling (e.g., white background with dark text, clean, clear, cold, vodka like; think Oregon coast, ocean, which is cold and brisk, not warm). The pages should share the same style in terms of typography, logos, accent colors, graphic elements, with color changes accomplished by swapping a set of styles or a style sheet.

Also need a solution for presenting the neutral pages that are not associated with vodka or whiskey (e.g., About Braeside, About the Distillery, Ask the Distiller, etc.).

Home page elements:

-Top nav

-photo rotator w/short text blurbs and a link to internal pages; this area will provide information about Braeside Farms Distillery as a boutique distillery and identify their uniqueness

-An area below the photo rotator for short blurb blocks (probably 2-up), each of which can accommodate a heading, an image, a text blurb, and link (for now, one for vodka, one for aged spirits); this area should be designed to accommodate expansion (Ask the Distiller excerpt, caskcam, etc.)

-Thick footer area for legal text, drink responsibly, etc.

Note: On first arriving at the site, the user will enter their age to view the site; this could be a pop-up, overlay or a separate page (see jackdaniels.com for example).

Content page elements:

-Include same navigation as home page

-Contain two side bars

-Content area

-Same footer as the home page


The target market for the spirits are young people/hipsters with disposable incomes and discerning palettes who care about local, organic, sustainable and older people who are willing to shell out up to 4K for a cask of boutique whiskey they wont get to drink for months or even 10+ years. There will be numerous VIP incentives and goodies offered to Cask Owners.


See http://jackdaniels.com for a site with similar elements (photo rotator, short blurbs below, drop-down menu, 2 side bars, dark color scheme, selling whiskey by the case, link to store, enter age to view site, etc.). See http://braesidefarmscsa.com for farm CSA site/logo.


-Width 1K pixels or fewer (mockup should also show page background)

-Top-level nav w/drop-down sub-nav, with room to expand as pages added (current top level: About, Vodka, Aged Spirits, Ask the Distiller, Store, Contact)

-Clean, simple, classy, and cohesive design

-True web-safe and legible fonts for content, headings, navigation

-Distillery logo (rework slightly if necessary)

-Good use of space above the fold; no excessive vertical space taken up by just design elements



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