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We are releasing a new website that allows meeting planners to find hotels that will host their meeting. The planner would search through a large database of hotels (imagine something like hotels.com). Once they had found the properties that they like they would then send a request to those properties providing details about what they will need to have for the meeting. For example they would need to provide the number of meeting rooms they would need, meals for the attendees, and audio visual equipment that might be required.

A conversation then ensues where the hotel negotiates and communicates with the planner to come to an agreement on the price and the details of a meeting. (very similar to that same process found here on crowdSpring). The winning hotel is provided with the business.

Only users that are logged into the application can send the requests to the hotel but anyone can search through the splash page. Similar to this site members can participate in forums and discussions and review both the properties and the planners.

The users of this site are mostly business people who do a handful of meetings a year. The theme should be business oriented but not too corporate.

We are looking for a nice theme for this website that fits with the description above. Included in this theme should be 4 pages.

1. Splash Page - Non Registered users with a search, sign-up and discussions that can be followed.

2. Search Results - Listing of properties that were returned by the search with a button to send them a request.

3. Request Form - The details of the fields are not important for this page, but the idea is that you would specify the name of the meeting and the number of rooms and meals you would need. The main thing we would like to capture from this screen is the style of form pages that follow the created theme.

4. Property Responses - Again the details are not important but the ideas and theme are. Here the properties would respond with their bids and then communicate with the planner and accept or reject the estimate. Similar to that same process on this site.

Again remember these are business people for small companies that plan a few meetings a year. They are normally more familiar with commercial websites than corporate websites. While these individuals are planning meetings for their business they are not professionals they likely haven't done this before or are very inexperienced.

The design should be clean and not to busy. Our research has shown that too many choices and too much noise is a distraction to these users. Less is more. Search is the primary teaser for this website and should be prominently displayed in the design. A portion of the splash page design should be set aside for advertising but it should not be prominent.

These four pages would be used as the templates for all additional pages within the site. So form fields, buttons, fonts, colors, icons are all important as they will be the style guide for the rest of the design.

In addition to the prize additional work may be awarded to the winner to continue the design in more detail.



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