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Citisoft is a boutique consulting firm that assists the investment management industry (hypothetical ex. Fidelity Investments) with technology and operations strategy, projects, etc. We are a global firm with a strong US, European and Asia-Pac presence and our clients are some of the leading investment managers in the world. We compete against the big consulting firms of Deloitte, Accenture, IBM, etc. (as well as other specialty firms that are closer to our size: Cutter Assoc., InvestTech Consulting, Beacon Consulting) so while we are smaller (~100 people), we need our marketing materials to be innovative & forward thinking. We are a premium brand & need the website to match.


We would like to refresh the look & feel of our website (www.citisoft.com) in addition to adding some new functionality. We feel comfortable with most of the content on the current site so were not looking for a huge re-write. To start us off, we are looking for you to create 2 pages total: (1) a new homepage & (2) a sample content page with a new look & feel (uncoded). Once we select a winner, well be interested in working with the developer to refresh other parts of the site & some additional marketing materials over the course of a few months.


We want a much more visually-rich homepage that doesnt rely on the generic pictures the site currently uses

Organizationally, we want to keep the basic content blocks including a primary message space, a news roll, highlights to our updated marketing materials, etc.

We want to de-clutter/simplify the page (e.g., less words, more use of icons)

For the primary message space: We would like to have a more dynamic way of showing the primary content (see we like these designs section for more).

o Were not asking you do build a flash application but would like to eventually build out the primary content space to allow the reader to interact with the page

o One way of doing this is by building a creative way for people to get to know the services we provide. Were looking for creative approaches to visually represent Assess/ Design/Deliver. One of our ideas that you may incorporate is using architecture/construction-themed photos to represent each phase.

Assess=the rough sketch/drawing (think Frank Gehry)


Deliver=actual construction of the building or the building itself

o What other creative representations can you come up with that represent taking an idea to reality? We would like to see your designs incorporating our idea but would really like some options to choose from.

Content Page:

We want to see the primary design elements carried through to a typical content page. Take http://www.citisoft.com/Services/Strateg... as an example.

We will eventually build out the site to allow for more dynamic display of content. Show us how we can present the primary content & supplement it with other related information with in the site. To be specific, if someone is reading about our Operational Review services, we also want to present thumbnails on case studies or other marketing materials that may interest the reader. 2 things that might be displayed when you select a service are:

o An Industry Perspective (on current site under Thought Leadership, currently in PDF format but we would like it displayed on the page)

o A Success Story (also under Thought Leadership)


Prospective clients, Wall Street media, & others. The buyers of our services are business, technology, & operations professionals within financial services (Investment Managers, Hedge Fund Managers, etc). They are sophisticated buyers, know technology well, & are drawn in by things that are cool & different. Most every one of them will have an iPhone, know their way around a GPS.


www.navigantconsulting.com Simple background, changing news articles

www.factset.com Simple, clean design, use of icons to represent each of the client types

www.nike.com Livestrong page. We like the vertical pictures, the hover over functionality, possibly use something like this for the assess/design/deliver (each phase a separate vertical bar/picture) with hover over for text

www.omgeo.com Clean images, good use of flash, straightforward

www.razorfish.com High quality, engaging

www.advent.com Clean, we like the bars that open & close under the main banner


-Current color scheme (blues) should be used. Be creative with using other colors to draw attention to different highlights but the color scheme should remain primarily blue

-No generic handshakes, board room meeting pictures, etc. Think about other themes (architecture, infrastructure, technology) but be creative! Were looking to differentiate ourselves, not join the pack!



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