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So Im reading a magazine and theres an article about crowdsourcing. As a PR guy I should already know about this right? Well I dont but Im intrigued. Wouldnt this be a potential solution for our clients? Were about to find out using ourselves as guinea pigs. www.crosbyvolmer.com is our URL and we're looking for a new "look." For the purposes of this project we are seeking a landing page, secondary page (example), contact page, and case study page. While our current site gets the job done, we're simply looking to shake it up a bit. Really nothing is off limits - except Flash. Navigation can change, layout can change, logo can change, bottom line is we're very open to a new look. While some of the language on the site will change, the basic content will stay mostly consistent. That being said new content could be created and updated regularly on the home page if there was a need for a different look.

A little about us: We are a public relations firm based in Washington, DC. Our target audiences are mainly mid to large size corporations and associations. Our objective is first and foremost to have people actually contact us while they are on our site. This can be a hard task considering our targeted audience. We must appear to be a firm that can get the job done but not appear too expensive or for that matter too cheap. Organizations choose PR firms based on what they've done for others, their reputation, and at the end of the day their gut reaction as to who can do the best job for them. We do a very good job at landing the business but we first need help getting to the table. That's where you can help. Show us what youve got!



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