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We are a Jewish nonprofit; we are one of the mainstream Jewish religious organizations and we represent about 650 Conservative synagogues in the United States and Canada. Despite our name, we are a progressive movement, not small-c conservative, and we promote and value both an intellectual approach to religion and a more emotional, spiritual outlook. We want all that to be apparent.

Existing website is www.uscj.org


We need a website that is open, warm, and welcoming; that is both nonjudgmental and smart. We want it to be clean, crisp, with a white background and a lot of white space; we want the colors we use to be neither neon nor muddy. Our logo is burgundy and well have to keep it, so although the color scheme neednt focus on it the logo has to be incorporated and not clash. It site should be clearly Jewish but not stereotypically so. We want to appeal to people who want information and to those who want something more spiritual. We want people to be able to find the information they need without having to shuffle through a lot of clutter, even though we acknowledge that we have a huge amount of material (some of it good, some of it in desperate need of editing or rewriting, some of it outdated).


1) Home Page Template

2) Sub Page Template

3) A third alternative template for (Forms)

4) Buttons

5) Rollover States


White, Light Colors, Very Clean, Contemporary, not too busy, use of existing logo, and some burgundy complementing color treatment


Problem with content is there is 4 levels Deep to drill down to. My suggestion is this, but I am open to new ideas:

1. Cascading Menu (TOP NAV) for top 2 levels

2. Left hand side Accordion Style Menu needed to drill down to 3rd and 4th levels of site hierarchy


- a larger footer, like nfl.com and expeditions.com (this is suggestion only)

-Banner Rotator (On home page and sub-page template, we would like an image area that can be clicked through to other areas of the site for cross-referencing, please use your judgement on pixel dimensions for these banner rotators)

See left hand bottom corner for an example of banner rotator on this website: http://exhalespa.com/ (ours does not have to be so vertical)


-Search (use of Google Search like existing site)

-Slideshow (like this example for functionality http://cometoscotland.com/ size, color , style can change)

-Share to Facebook, Twitter

-Email & Print options on each page



The existing website home page has some components we would like to maintain (but can be in a different location)

1. Weekly Torah

2. News from Israel Video

3. News Update Ticker

-Must have prominent call to action for DONATE

-Prominent quick and easy Find A Synagogue lookup

-Must have prominent Graphic or something that calls out BROWSE OUR WEBINARS

-Call out to YOU TUBE Videos

-Masthead Graphic as a Rotating Image Banner (similar to this one in the sense you can click through to the different images: http://caresupportofamerica.com/)

-The bulletin board that is on the existing site needs to be represented in a different fashion but same type of information. We suggest something TABBED like this example http://www.arlon.com/Utilities/Product/P...

This will allow for more information stored in less REAL ESTATE. The tabs do not have to be as wide as the example.

-Use of DOCKS for some of the content (boxes that can be moved around) see http://www.bbc.co.uk/ for an example

-Video of President (Talking Head) open in a layer like this http://www.cscfound.org/# (See message from Dr. Koplewicz)


It will be used by synagogue professional and lay leaders our basic constituency by members of Conservative synagogues who want to learn more about their movement, by unaffiliated or other-affiliated Jews who want to learn more about us, and by non-Jews who want to learn about Judaism, quite possibly from a base of very little knowledge. We want to have something for all of these groups, which means that we will have to continue to have a huge amount of information available to everyone, with some parts specifically tailored to the leaders of our affiliated synagogues.


UJAFEDNY.org (the way the thumbnails get bigger; the tabs)


Urj.org (clean look, slide show, tabs)

Please note that I am not really crazy about either one but its the best we can do.

Again, please view existing website for reference. www.uscj.org



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