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hi-- I'm building a site for finding real estate and looking for help with the graphic treatment. Specifically:

- a simple logo

- background image(s) and patterns

- graphics for navigation buttons

- choose fonts, color schemes and graphic treatments for HTML form fields.

the actual deliverables:

- a CSS file

- graphics files, including a CSS sprite -- PNG preferred

- an example HTML file (see below for HTML you can stylize)

please test

- on MSIE6,7, Firefox 3, and Safari

- at 800x600, 1024x768 and 1400x1050 (or something large)

note: the test page already supports different sizes

conceptually, I'm looking for a "french garden" sort of look:

- layout: a three column layout

- column 1 is fixed at 200px

- column 3 is fixed at 200px (but only shown on >1000px wide screens)

- column 2 is variable width, i.e. gets the rest of the space

- logo: a simple elegant logo in the upper-left corner. The actual

size can vary-- roughly 180x70 or so.

- background: I'm looking for something quite feminine:

- a background image of roses growing along the leftnav

(fixed at 200px to make it easy)

- some kind of soft pattern for the background

some ideas:




(this is the background for http://www.frenchgardenhouse.com/)


Here's the closest example of 'roses growing' I could find:


which is obviously too dark and which doesn't leave room for

the logo.

- content background: I'd like a background behind column2 to highlight

it. The 'ripped paper' css zen garden example is OK, but perhaps you

can think of something better?


One catch: since the content can vary in width and height, the

highlight-graphics have to stretch as well, i.e. have the center

of the outline graphics be repeat-able. I'll do this all in JavaScript.

- fonts: something like 'French Script MT' for navigational links,

something easier to read for the main body. I know-- normally,

you don't want cursive fonts on the web, but in this case, it's

just for the navlinks, which aren't the primary focus on the page. Please use only free/unencumbered fonts available online, i.e. so I can easily make more buttons myself.

- colors: please pick colors and design treatments for

- plain text, visited and unvisited hyperlinks

- HTML form entry fields:

- text input boxes and textarea's

- SELECT pulldowns, radio buttons and checkboxes

- lists of items (HTML ul/li elements)

- buttons: I'm looking for a button-set as a CSS sprite, for example:


the buttons I need are:

- "bubble" icon for google maps

- "x" icon for 'delete' this object

- printer icon for printing the page

- [+] or [>>] (your choice) icon for opening dynamic content

- [+] or [>>] (your choice) icon for opening dynamic content

- letter icon for sending email

- link icon for linking to this page

- bullet icon for lists of items (HTML ul/li elements)

an example CSS sprite file:


here's a dummy site you can stylize:




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