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Hi creatives!

We are looking new lay-out for our websites. At the moment our sites are (http://www.cag.fi/) a bit too 90's so update is badly needed. We are looking something modern and high-class style for our new websites. We'll give you some details, bechmarks and guidelines, but remember that we are open for every innovative proposal.

As a buyer we promise to give you feedback asap so you would now where your proposal stands.

Here are some facts:

About the company:

CAG is an independent Finnish company providing investment banking

advisory services. We are specialized in mergers & acquisitions, financial

arrangements and preparing business plans and incentive schemes.

We have acted as advisors for the owners, board of directors and top

management of the companies for over 10 years. Our key people

have over 20 years experience in the field.

Target group:

Visitor in our websites are mostly our clients which includes executives, board members etc. so image should be "luxurious" and quite traditional with fresh touch.


www.advium.fi (this is our favorite and we could take these site for us anytime with different colours)

www.aventum.fi (looks bit too much our current sites)

wwwww.icecapital.fi (a bit too gray :)

Lay-out details:

Our brand colours are black and gold but you can use other colours as well which will fit to our brand image (mayby not pink etc. too bright colours)

Files should be layered PSD

Centered Lay-Out

Top-navigation there should be links

$Etusivu (front page)

$Palvelut (services)

$Referenssit (references)

$Henkilkunta (staff)

$Yhteystiedot (contact info)

In the front page there should be boxes for

"ajankohtaista" (news)

"general-info" about the company text...

Short info-box for our different services (three same size box with links) (you can add small pictures to the boxes)

"Yritysjrjestelyt" (Merger and acquisitions)

"rahoitusjrjestelyt" (Financial services)

"asiantuntijapalvelut" (Advisory selvices)

Header can be graphics or photo (there should be our logo of course)

Backround can be graphics or plain colours etc..

You can find our logo from files.

We wish luck for all of you! If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!




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