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Plummelo.com is an online recipe box. Users save recipes from anywhere on the internet to their plummelo account. User also use tags to save their recipes, which makes finding them a snap. Plummelo.com went live a little over a month ago with the objective of working out some workflow design issues, and testing some functionality.

The orange-green color theme (please visit plummelo.com) looked OK when I created my first powerpoint version of the website. I've gotten lots of favorable comments on how vibrant the color theme is. However, maybe I've looked at it too long but it doesn't look that great to me right now. Perhaps it's the particular shades of orange and green. Anyway, I'm open to other color schemes as long as they convey vibrancy.

I now need to take the website to the next level by getting more traffic. I need a website that conveys a legitimate business yet retains vibrancy and link to a gourmet kitchen.

Here's what I need:

I need a new website layout and one additional screen. Please see the attached powerpoint file for the two page layouts that I need. The second one has many elements that are identical to the home page layout, but the center panel is what I need.

I have a logo (see attached) that I'd like to keep. I also have a favicon logo (also attached) that can also be used throughout the website, but that's up to your creative judgment. let me know if you need any other file type (jpeg, ai)

Our target audience is:

women between the ages of 25 to 55. They are educated and can be either a professional or a stay at home mom. They are looking to manage their time, so efficiency is important. They also want gourmet or near-gourmet food. The secondary target is anyone who loves to cook, including men and unmarried individuals.

What we don't like:

- Overly feminine. Although are primary users are married women with kids, I don't want to alienate men, those without children, or single people.

- Clutter. We prefer a clean design with sufficient white space to not overwhelm users. I noted many websites try to cram too much functionality so the user is assaulted with a barrage of colors functional elements.



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