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We are seeking a website design. Guiding principles of the design include:, (i) professional appearance which instills trust in the users, (ii) commercial appeal versus social appeal, (iii) intuitive, uncluttered and easy to navigate, and (iv) consistent colors, look and feel with the ios logo. The design should be slick and modern, but not overstretch the comfort level of the target audience, which includes small business owners and commercial bank officers. You should see yourself trusting your confidential personal and financial information within it.

The design will be the template for all website content & web application functionality. The homepage will be accessible to the public with links to all public content. It is also the entry point for the two distinct user groups the business owners (Borrowers) and the banks (Lenders). Once users login, there will be content and functionality specific to the Borrow and Lender user groups.

The general page design should have the following components:

- Header (logo, tab bar, link to homepage, search bar, login)

- Footer (Company, Privacy & Security, News, Sitemap, Copyright, Contact)

- Left Sidebar (menu and action buttons) (not present on homepage but on all others)

Our site will include the following high-level sections with additional pages and content in each section:

Homepage (www.iosfinancial.com)

Company Overview

-Management Team



-Privacy & Security


ios Platform

-How it Works

-Electronic Loan Applications

-Loan Matching Criteria

-Proposal Process

-Accounting Interfaces


-Value Proposition

-New Business Registration

-Business User Homepage


-Lender Network

-New Lender Registration

-Lender User Homepage

-We want to have a few different pages designed:

(1) - Home Page: Divided into horizontal sections. Top of the page shows name, logo, search bar, and login links. It should include our tagline: improving the efficiency of small business lending. The main portion of the homepage should include an image center left with a chart and/or descriptive text center right. The lower portion should have vertical sections with buttons for the four main sections of the website. See mint.com and ibm.com as examples. The bottom should include the footer.

(2) Public Content Template: The public content template is based on the homepage design, however it includes the left sidebar for navigation, tab bar with links to the main website sections, and open space in the center for specific page content. The header, footer and top tab bar should resemble the homepage. Good examples of designs we like for these sections include: intuit.com and citi.com.

(3) Borrower/Lender homepage: The Borrower/Lender homepage is the starting point for the private and database driven content of the ios financial web application. Once a user logs in, they will be directed to the borrower/lender homepage and presented with content specific to their profile and account. The header, footer and top tab bar should resemble the homepage. The left sidebar should be present for navigation. The main center space will display an inbox (similar to email) with additional buttons horizontally across the top. For lenders these buttons will be ELA Inbox, Pending Proposals, Recent Transactions, Proposal History, and Ios Portfolio. For borrowers these buttons will be ELA Snapshot, ELA Details, ELA History, Financing Proposals, and Loan Analysis.


Banks and small & medium sized businesses (including startups). The businesses are internet savvy and the website will need to attract and retain their interest, the bankers are accustomed to bank-like websites. Assume a general business audience. The design must be simple enough for them to immediately understand where information is and how to navigate, but can be bold and dynamic to grab their attention.








The design should be consistent with the logo blue colors, crisp, glossy edges, etc. We want to avoid any fonts or images that require ongoing royalty or special contracts.

Include primary and secondary color choices, with a palette of additional colors that can be used for things like highlights, etc. Page background must be white or off-white (at least the primary part of the page, header background and other sections can have other background colors). The main section should be able to have a bunch of different content: headers, paragraphs, images, moving diagrams, pull quotes, form & image buttons, etc. But it should look clean (e.g. mint.com), not cluttered (e.g. bankofamerica.com)The header can be large and very visible, but should also be able to have a shorter version if necessary. Use our blue logo design, attached.



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