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Our client has a store in that specializes in bicycles for use in the city and commuting to work. In addition it sells all related articles: kid-bikes, rain clothing, etc. The store values are 1. Quality bicycles and 2. Good service. The stores differ from almost every store in Europe, since they are setup as true experience stores, i.e.: being in the store has to be experience. The website should reflect this experience.

We will start with two stores in Belgium: in Gent and Antwerpen under the name De Stad Fietst , which is Dutch for The City uses the Bicycle or the The City Cycles. Current website of Gent is www.joma.be and is a total DRAMA in terms of look and feel I think.


Actually my client has a pretty detailed idea of what he wants (also see attached docs and pdfs)

We need a complete design for our website, the end product consisting of three pages:

In terms of size:

1. The home page design fitting on one screen (without the need to use scrollbars) when using a 1650x1080 resolution. For a 1024x768 resolution, it is ok to use the vertical scroll bar, but not the horizontal one:

2. The content page design Width should fit on a 1024x??? resolution; vertical scroll is ok on all resolutions

3. The product page design Same as above (2)

! IMPORTANT NOTE: for the selection of the best designs in the first week, I will look mostly to the home page design, because this one is the most important. If you focus on that one, you can add the other two in the next week if you like.

In terms of content/design:

In terms of what each page should consist of, I have included three drawings (home, content, product) that give a guideline for the site. Please do not treat this drawing as fixed, I would love to see your own design; this is only an indication of the type of website my client is looking for.

Detailed instructions per page:

General (al pages): would be great to have a banner (own banner, not a commercial one) on top that includes the logo and a relevant picture of some sort. Also a search box and the phonenumber + address should be in the top banner. I think the non-product related navigation could also be on top (e.g., contact, etc.etc.) The product related menu is on the left. (Bikes, clothing, accessories etc.).

Homepage: Very important that here the full menu structure fits on one page (on a 1650*1050 resolution and better. Since it all has to fit on one screen, you might want to consider to put a

Content page: Here it is ok if users need to scroll down (in some pages this will be the case for sure, so make your design so that scrolling down could be possible). You might want to restrict navigation here to the top and the left ( I dont like navigation on the right hand side for a content page). Try to fit all navigation buttons on the screen without scrolling, please!

Product page: see example on http://www.ginocarts.be/pageSales.cfm?na... en drawings. In other words, if you select a category of products, here design bikes, you get a list top down of different bikes.

Once again, please focus on the homepage, that will be the main decision criterion for me.

line with the lifestyle feeling I want the site to radiate.

(please take word file of briefing the menu trees)


Target audience consists of women and families, urban young professionals and active senior people. Sports people are less of a focus (we have not so many racing bikes and mountain bikes for example).

Hence the website should have a trendy look and feel to resemble the store, but very accessible (older people should not get headaches and should be able to navigate also). Functionality is important so please no annoying intro movies or fancy moving images etc.

The site has to radiate a lifestyle feeling to the people. Keywords: green, experience, quality, service, healthy, future, children, family, trendy, fun, safety/assurance


Important is that the fonts are readable and that the colors are fresh. See also attached company logo. The colors in the website should fit nicely together with the colors of the logo of course.

In terms of background, please no black; you might want to experiment with fresh/ light background colours / gradients or just take plain white, thats up to you.

Example 1:


The homepage could look like this in terms of: the banner on the top (with logo and picture), the navigation on the top (sales, stores etc., only with my own menu structure of course). I dont like it in terms of fontsize (too small), colors (to screamy)

(see word for examples 2, 3 and 4)


see previously mentioned items



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