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I am an entrepreneur with a desire to create a successful beach/surf clothing line. After a couple of years and many different ideas, I was inspired by an Aussie friend of mine who is from Bondi Beach in Australia. He's a fat guy who happens to be a great surfer as well as have a brilliant attitude towards life. I started calling him Bondi Buddha and thus came up with the idea for my clothing line.

A couple of talented people from crowdspring helped me develop a logo and other images that I am very excited about. I hope I can find a web designer that can do the same.


What i need is a web design that inspires people to go to the beach and wear our clothes. I like clean designs and would love you to be inspired and bring on the ideas. One idea I visualized was a photo on the home page of a surfer/s standing in front of a great beach and clone the bondi design onto the board (the full design including picture of Bondi). Of course there are issues with finding the right image but it can be any beach as long as it looks great (and could be bondi beach) This would be for the home page.

Home page would also include:

Top of page:

1. Make use of (b) logo (this would apply to all pages.

2. Page headings: Blokes, Sheila's (both catalog pages - men and women), Oz Lingo, Contact

3. Search bar

Middle of page:

1. Subscribe (or top of page)

2. E Gift Card

3. Image and link to customize page cut in somewhere that doesn't detract from the main picture.

Links would include:

Bottom of page

store locator

Order tracker

Become a retailer


terms and conditions

Privacy policy

Catalog page - would be the same layout for Blokes, Sheila's

1. Menu items on left: Tops, Bottoms, Swimwear, footwear, Other Gear, Customize - this would be the same layout for men and women.

2. One of the things that I hate about most clothing sites is that the pictures are not usually good. I will have shots of models wearing all items and what I would like to see is something like a photo viewer where you have a big photo viewer and the collection of the particular item in boxes below. I would also like you to mock up what this page will look like using existing photos of models with blank shirts, hats etc and then clone my designs on. I will just use these as place holders but I want to make sure i've got the look right.

3. of course the top and bottom of the page will pretty much stay the same as the home page

4. They must be able to click an item, see the price and add to cart. there also has to be a clear check out button.

Gift card page

I want people to be able to send an e gift card and so I would like to design something simple and fun that they fill out. I guess it will send as a html email showing bondi buddha and the certificate.

other pages will all be a stripped down version of the homepage and used for various content like contact, about us, press, etc.


Young adults who like beach life, cool casual clothing and something a little unique.


Don't want to give examples really although I am inspired by Tommy Bahama - www.tommybahama.com. I like their branding, their stores and admire the success they've had. There site is clean and so are a lot of others I've seen but I want my own look.


Something that doesn't look corporate yet has the look of a national brand. Be creative. One other thing I want to make sure of is that I am getting a design from a web designer that can be easily implemented by a programmer. I don't know too much about design but please let me know if you are using CSS or assure me that the end result will be something a programmer can work with.



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