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doingtonight.com is a directory of places to eat and drink all across the US. Places include restaurants, bars, coffee shops, delis, concert venues, fast food chains, etc - anywhere that serves food/drink as it's core business.

Directory rank is determined by the number of people that are "doingtonight" - this is similar to the way digg.com works. Each user is asked to provide a brief explanation of why they are going to that particular place, which helps other visitors get an idea for what's going on there. All information is cleared out daily - thus doing "tonight" and not tomorrow, or a week from now.


We would like to start with a design for our landing page, and then build 3 other pages that will use the same frame as the landing page. More detail on the landing page is provided in the attached PowerPoint presentation. Please review this document thoroughly, and feel free to ask thorough questions. We are happy to work closely with any and all designers to help aid in the creative process.


The site is designed for people that go out to eat, grab drinks on weekends, and actively seek out new, fun and interesting things to do. The activity may vary by person - some might live on a farm while others live in a high-rise in the middle of New York City. Some may be young while others may be old. The design of the site should welcome all types of people that share one thing in common - they are looking for something to do tonight.


MTV.com, GQ.com, Digg.com and UrbanBaby.com are the few sites that we appreciate. These are in addition to the more conventional sites that people normally list including Facebook, Twitter, Mint, etc. But MTV, GQ, UrbanBaby and Digg maintain a lot of the same qualities, and try to attract a lot of the same demographic as doingtonight.com is going after.

MTV.com incorporates a lot of the important design elements we are looking for. An intelligent use of CSS/Cufon with great interactivity via rollovers, etc. The site is far from plain, boring and overly simple - but it is light and easy to navigate. It encourages participation and excites the user.

Note: We do not want you to recreate MTV.com, but we want you to be inspired by it.

Also, we currently operate 313rd.com which is a directory of places to eat and drink in Southeastern Michigan. This site is our baby, and we love it very much. We do suggest that you take a look, but we strongly discourage from thinking we are looking for the same design. If we were - we would be doing this ourselves!


Almost all of the text on the site will be dynamically generated, but we don't want it to seem like that. We'd like each user to think that the site was created only for them. It should speak to them!

IMPORTANT: If you are integrating elements from YUI, Cufon or other design technologies, please be clear when you post. Our programmers/developers are skilled, and can integrate your creative design/layout ideas. You just have to be clear.

We are looking for:

- Large text is an absolute must have. (not all of it has to be large, but the important stuff should be do not go overboard). See twitter.com, urbanbaby.com, mtv.com and other web 2.0/social sites that intelligently use large fonts.

- The font/layout should encourage participation by making the functionality on the site easy to see, use, and understand.

- a simple yet complicated design with large text, a clean layout, and an innovative and compelling layout.

- a balance between conventional web 2.0 design, with the appropriate amount of graphic to differentiate the site as exciting and nightlife, etc. We do not want too plan, or too complicated. It should be organized excitement (313rd.com is a great example of this).

- a clear sense for the interactive elements of the site including rollovers (highlighting, borders, etc), the click state of buttons, etc. During wrap up we will be designing a lightbox and other interactive elements of this page. But if it adds to your presentation, we urge you to highlight those things now.

- 960 px page width

- Creative integration of ad space so it does not seem forced, but is integrated well into the design.

- In the attachment we have identified the sections that may have a lot of content, or no content. The site should look great either way.

Overview of attachments:

- doingtonight DESIGN.pdf - self explanatory. Open it, and read it!

- Logos. We like the logo on a darker backdrop, but are open to anything. Darker backdrops include logos 4, 3, 2, and 2.1.

- doingtonight stationary: this may or may not be useful. but this could potentially give you ideas. We are in no way, shape or form committed to those design elements. But it's what we have for now.

- 960 download: these are grids for a 960px site (http://960.gs). This may or may not be useful.


- The colors may make or break the design. We are not dead set on the colors in any of our logos, or on 313rd.com. We are completely open to options. However, we have historically liked a darker frame, with the main site area on a lighter background so it is easier to read the text. See www.savings.com for an example.

We absolutely do NOT want:

- Neon/bright colors. They should be classy, and easy on the eyes. All of the colors should work together well.

- Lame stock photography

- Pictures of people (there isn't space for pictures at all)

- Uninspiring food/drinkicons (martini glass, fork, etc.). As you can see from our logo (night owl), we are approaching the image unconventionally.

- Anything similar to other popular restaurant/bar listing websites. You know who they are.



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