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- About Us -

We are small team of web developers who make web designs work. We understand that everyone has a role in this industry : ) Development is where we excel. Creative design is where need an extra set of eyes and ideas.

- Project Scope -

The website is aimed at creative business professionals. These people tend to be in charge of making decision in marketing and web development contracts. They have an eye for quality work.

What we currently have:

A layout design that we agree will work for us. We like that the front-page is above the fold and there's at least two (three depending on what you do) areas for 'call to action.' Plus we like that it's clean. Guess we like the less is more approach on this one. However, we agree there needs to be a balance.

What We Need:

That's where you come in. We need you to look at our included logo and color match it to the current concept. We kept trying and thought we were using our colors too much. So we're looking for someone to strike up a creative balance. We also decided that we'd like to have the search listing box changed to a "client login" button/link. Open the PSD files and you'll see what we've got cook'n so far. Read some of the paragraph text. We've left some of our thoughts before throwing our hands up in the air. : ) The inside page will need to compliment the front-page. You know how it goes. Only two pages need to be edited/designed. Nothing More. Also, refer to our current business card design to see how you can pull those elements in. It would be nice if it could compliment the current brand we have going.

Must Have:

That main area on the front-page. We're thinking our slogan, a quote maybe, and then a creative way to showcase our development projects to the right. We're thinking we can have this area rotate to keep the page fresh.

Good Examples:

http:// www. kupferwerk .com

http:// www. thinkmktg .com

Don't Need:

Please don't worry about the content. We'll take care of that part. If you have a specific place where you think text is a good place for strategy then say that in the psd.

We Like These Designs:

The website designs we like are in the readme.txt file in the zip.

Are we open to a variation of the layout?

Sure. Cook up something new if you want. You known the general layout we like...so go for what the creative in you tells ya.

Thanks www.crowdspring.community



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