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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are Kookaburra Technology, a new web development company that specializes in small business websites. Our #1 priority is customer service. We will be outsourcing all of our design to you guys here at CrowdSpring (including the design of our logo - http://www.crowdspring.com/project/22843... and the design of our website, which is what this entry is for).

What do you need?

We need a website for our new company. We want a simple, clean design. See https://kurtiswelch.freshbooks.com/ or http://basecamphq.com/ or http://www.trapcall.com/.

We aren't looking for your traditional, busy, corporate website. We want something that is simpler and more integrated. Something that focuses on the page's content with the simple purpose of leading customers through a simple path:

1. Who/what is Kookaburra and what do they/does it do?

2. What services does Kookaburra provide and how much do they cost? (We have four website packages and four service plans as well as a few " la carte" items such as logo design - possibly something like http://highrisehq.com/signup)

3. How do I get started? (some text explaining the process and a link to an outside page - this can be integrated with step 2)

With that simple 3 step path in mind, it's up to you to figure out the best way to present that information. It can span one page or multiple pages. Please do *not* take the complexity of the underlying code into consideration when constructing your design. Your imagination is the limit.

In addition to that 3 step process, we also need an generic "blank" page that we can use as a base for things like a Order History page or a Contact Us page that we'll put together ourselves.

Who Is Your Audience?

Small business owners who do not have a website or who would like to redo their existing website.


We Absolutely Must Have

A great, simple website that uses our colors and integrates our logo (see attached file).



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