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We need a Web design for our Engauge product and service range.

We are a training support company. We provide online assessments for training needs, performance appraisals and career guidance. We generally work with company training and HR departments.

Our new name, Engauge, reflects the combination of the measurement and development of a persons performance / abilities. The name also refers to the outcome - increased engagement with their work and their organization.


We want a fun, upbeat (energetic) and contemporary design for the website which should be linked to the stationery design (which is posted in a separate project) in some elements at least. We want people to smile when they see our website (in a thats cool way).

We like a crisp, clean look.

Here are some links to websites with the sort of looks we like:

http://www.oypro.com/ (although possibly a bit busy for our purpose)




And we do quite like the fat buttons on www.workology.org sort of make you want to poke them to see if they squish

That said, were not stuck on any of these styles specifically be adventurous if you want to come up with something a bit different.


Probably very similar to our existing site (which we will discard once we have a new design as we feel its had its day now)

www.msainteractive.com and http://www.msa360-degreefeedback.com/

We may need 2 additional tabs on the first level navigation one for an online shop (which may only be added later but needs to be catered for) and one for some engaging elements of the site (blog links and forms) suggested name for this page Engage with us

The design should provide for a way of including different elements on pages perhaps dotted line boxes or some background colours. But we think these should be clear but have a subtle design element so the page doesnt look too busy.

Please provide the graphics in jpg or gif format, the cut-and-ready graphical pieces (e.g. corners, borders, gradient backgrounds) and CSS styles for assembling the pages. If you can provide mock-up HTMLs, that would be fantastic.

Our logo can be seen in the supporting files. The main logo colour is green with the other colours representing different sections of the range. Feel free to be adventurous.

We really want a positive emotional connection with the brand so it is critical that the design supports that requirement. If you wish to modify the logo to fit with your design concept, we are open to re-interpretation.

Im very happy to answer questions or give feedback.



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