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We are developing an adult DVD rental program review site. This project contains some adult oriented images and text, but no explicit images or language. This will be a static 10 page site (1Home + 5 product reviews + 1Links + 1Hints + 1Contact +1Sitemap). Please download the excel workbook which has a rough digital general layout (please note all tabs in the excel sheet).

1. Create "logo", or site mascot that is an image of a tree frog something with the look and feel of:


The frog can be green or blue or yellow or orange or whatever you come up with that fits with the colors of the site. We have some links to some colors/look-n-feel below.

2. We'd like to see your creative input in the header, but something related to DVDs and relevant technology, etc, that fits into the theme and look and feel of the site (vibrant, quality, edgy, fun)

3. Most of the checkmark images and box image are just pasted in there to give you some ideas. You need to come up with a star legend and a checkmark style for the comparison chart. The top part of the chart has a 1-5 star/box style ranking, while the bottom part is check/uncheck of features.

4. Not sure if the menu bar should be on the left or along the top, whatever looks best.

5. The only images you should use from my spreadsheet are the company logos and the screenshots on the review pages, everything else should be your own designs and/or toolbox.

6. In general, you can shape the pages how you like, but on the home page, we need text at the top of the chart, then the chart, then more text to follow the chart. The page has to be structured in a way that we can quickly and easily update text in Dreaweaver (what you see no is just a 1st draft of text that we will update later). We also need space for banner and skyscraper ads. You have more freedom with the review pages. You need to find a good looking way you fit the company screen shots, the review text and program rates. These pages also need room for ads as do the other sub-pages.

As stated above, this website project includes a logo, header image and web design. We like to see two versions of your submission, a dark background site and a white background.

The target audience is directed straight males and couples. We want a edgy, clean and vibrant design like SugarDVD.com and UrentDVDs.com

These following sites have the great colors that a vibrant and edgy. They are predominantly dark, but again, we'd like each submission to include both a white and dark background with the same types of colors. Also, please make sure your uploads are big enough to see the designs:






Any questions, please ask. Thanks!!



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