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Hi! I am Eiso and I am a co-founder of Twollars, most of the information that goes in this box I wrote in the public brief so have a read, it also lists the most essential sources of information about Twollars, the concept and more about the people behind it.

I go more in depth in the boxes below and even though I might be placing things under the wrong headlines (it's difficult to see what goes where) I think reading it all will give a good foundation to get started. I hope to give as much feedback as possible during this whole process.


The problems with Twollars right now are:

- The design does not hold up to the standards potential sponsoring brands require

- The concept is still unclear to some people - needs to be presented better in design

- The design is too Twitter oriented - we will be moving to more platforms and have to move away from just being a Twitter feature

- We have a lot of information we want to present to people - however right now the basic navigation menu can easily can get to big if we start adding more links

- Many people still do not know they have a personal page on Twollars which lists all their transactions

One of the major changes that will happen to the Twollars platform is allowing every charity to sign up with us. They will be able to ask for Twollars, have their own personal charity page, and they will be able to compare their Twollars balance with other charities. Right now we have one charity, that gets sponsored and people can donate their Twollars to them. We are making a move by letting the community support their own charities (every single charity can be on Twollars). The charities will be able to ask for Twollars donations with as goal if they have raised a large enough amount of Twollars to sell them to businesses or corporations who want to either give them away to customers/employees or allow people to interact with their brand on their website and then get Twollars.

The homepage needs to make it clear that if you are:

- a person, that you can send your Twollars to people as a currency of appreciation or to charities.

- a charity, you sign up with us and raise Twollars (to then sell to corporations or just as a tool to raise awareness)

- a business, you are be able to buy Twollars from charities and reward your customers or employees (as a token of appreciation)

The key here is to get these three elements on the homepage in a fashion that each group knows straight away what to do next. The people need to see how they can tweet Twollars, the charities where they can sign up and the businesses need to be brought to a page where they can interact with charities.

The homepage needs to explain people the overall concept immediately, it needs to tell people what they are able to do and how they are able to do it. It needs to be an easy gateway through to the other pages on the site. However a clear focus for "potential users" should be on allowing people to go to their personal user page. It also needs to be able to present a lot of information and excerpts with links - since we will be adding a lot of content to the next version.


The logo:

Part of the redesign is a new logo. A logo that explains our vision and captures our passion, which I am sure will come across in all the content written here and the sources I listed. If you have any specific questions to ask, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Key here though is to make it recognizable and bring the right connotations; Appreciation, positivity and helping others.


Right now Twollars is just on Twitter, soon we'll be moving to more online networks, websites but also your blog. We have attracted the attention of brands and charities but our core audience is young people. Twollars is a concept which centers around appreciation and doing good. It's has shown to appeal more to women then to men. Instinctively women have "clicked" and fallen in love with it much quicker then men. However this does not mean we want a completely women centered design. We are looking to target both sexes but please take into account that women have shown till now to be our main audience.


I recently saw the new redesign done for the World Food Program (http://www.wfp.org/) and immeditiately fell in love with it because it showed clear actions and brief information above the fold. A great colour scheme, big buttons and the use of images to allow people to see straight away what was what. I don't have a list of any other websites I love the design of, I can tell you though that minimalistic elements and new creative ways to present a lot of information but not letting a site feel cluttered have a lot of appeal to us.


Please do not use any dark colours, keep it light, and fun.

Our new tagline will most likely be:

Twollars - The Currency of Appreciation

Sub tagline:

It's fun, it's free, it's for good!

I think especially the latter explains a lot. We want something people feel drawn to, have no negative connotations with and we believe light colours, images (and icons) and possibly a minimalistic design (understanding though how hard that is with so much information we want to present) will be key.


What is very important in all this is that the new site will be translated into many languages. So please take this into consideration because when the site will have to be coded it could become very tricky if the images with text in it will look horrible when converted to html text. Our hope is that we only have to create one set of images. All text will be as html text. This will save us a lot of time and money and we will look at this when evaluating the entries. So please where text is used do not use Photoshop smoothing effects that are not a realistic representation of reality.



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