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Creative Brief

Who are you?

We are Portland Internet Design, a web dev company building hybrid / custom templated sites for apartment communities.

My name is John and I will be monitoring this and responding to all feedback and questions so please ask!

The price is where it's at because we are really not asking for a full website design. But We are negotiable if need be to get the job done right and on time.

What do you need?

General skin specs for the City Hub


Sites will have 2 pages: home and blog. Layout of the home page is provided in the attached .jpg.

We are asking for two skins that conform to our layout. Please read this spec carefully. Even though we are asking you to conform to our defined layout, we want are interested in getting creative ways to display the defined elements. This project is for two apartment community directories. One in Tucson Arizona, the other in Phoenix. We are interested in designs that match this specific geographic area. (local flora and fauna okay but no Southwestern Design). Feel free to use images of the Tucson or Phoenix skylines or other geographic landmarks within your design.

What we need from you

a. Mockup of two skins that conform to our layout. (see the .JPG)
b. All elements styled (typography and color including link color).
c. 3 5 themed calls to action for each skin (burst, button, banner, etc).*
d. 3 different themed bullets for each skin for listed items (selling points, unique features, etc). You do not have to use all three of the bullets you design.*
e. Themed icons for each skin for the sidebar widgets (schedule a tour, call us now, testimonials, property address, translator).
f. 3 different icons for each skin for the selling features widgets in the footer. Features are irrelevant. The icons should be generic for a selling point.
*You do not have to place all of the call to action or bullet designs on the actual mock up. You can just add then at the bottom of the mockup.

Additional guidelines

The designs must be no wider than 1000 pixels total.
Sidebar must be on the left as per the layout.
Navigation must not fall on top of the slideshow.
Call to action may fall on top of the slideshow but does not have too.
Mockups can be in layered .psd or .ai format.
All icons must be .gif or .jpg.
The size of the 2 columns in the layout are not set. Feel free to adjust as long as the total width is no larger than 1000 px and the content area is not wider than 725 px, including padding.

Who Is Your Audience?

Target audience is people looking to rent an apartment in either Tucson or Phoenix.


We Like These Examples

This is the beta version of a property site design. This is what the layout is based on. This is why we're asking you for new skins. Our is kind of boring...


We Absolutely Must Have

Please follow the spec. We need those calls to action an the bullets we're asking for. You can do what you want for the skins as long as they fit our layout. I will be very actively monitoring this site and I will respond to all feedback and questions.

We need this to be completed by next Friday so please talk to me! If we get more than one design that we like and that works we may award multiple creatives and continue to work with you. We will need a lot of these template skins.



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