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"Tough Guy Cinema" rates movies based on their appeal to alpha-males.

Every week, new movies are given a tough guy cinema score from 0-100 based on ratings in ten critical categories.

1. Spaceships

2. Breasts

3. Car Chases

4. Gangsters

5. Revenge

6. Fighting

7. Explosions

8. Surround Sound Quality

9. Rivalry

10. Quotable

As part of the home page, a logo is needed that captures the spirit of the brand this is a site for guys to find movies that appeal to their base instincts.

The top portion of the site should feature a brief description of the service based on the information above so visitors get it right away without having to think. Our target audience is male, average age 30, not a hardcore Web 2.0 user who spends all their time with Facebook and Twitter but a heavy internet user from Gen X who is comfortable with the web.

There should be a large module showcasing a current movie and showing the ratings from 0-10 on each of the ten attributes (Im open to yes/no and other scales, but currently envision 0-10). I picture this in two columns of five rows, but feel free to propose otherwise. Ideally the scores should be indicated by icons specific to each category, e.g. 0-10 spaceships, 0-10 boobs, 0-10 explosions, etc. It should be clear you can mouse over each category name to learn more about what it means since these are brief descriptions.

Secondarily there should be a list of current movies and their tough guy cinema ratings 0-100, as well as DVDs and their tough guy cinema ratings 0-100. Both should be hyperlinked or have links to read the reviews. The ones still in theatres should have links to buy tickets.

There should be room for two banner ads, without being overly disruptive.

728x90 on the top

300x250 on the right side, above the fold on 1024x768 screen resolution. This can accommodate a banner ad or a video (think movie promos)

There should be a top navbar with clear links to Home, In Theatres, On DVD, Top Movies, Rate/Add a Movie

There should be a module inviting users to read and contribute reviews called get started that will funnel them toward a registration page or even compel them on the front page to register to receive regular updates of the top tough guy cinema picks and the biggest chick flicks to avoid each week.

Plus all the standards: contact us, about us, search, advertise, etc.

This site will be affiliated with my other project, Manvite.com an alternative to Evite for guys. See www.manvite.com for a sense of the brand character.



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