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Social News/Content Community-"It's your News...Question the Story". It's digg.com with the polling features of polldaddy.com. It's a place where users post a link to news & content and ask a question about it.

It wants to have the functionality of those sites but be completely out-of-the box different. It's wants to be daily brain candy for the mind, smart and compelling. It wants people to challenge/contrast each other with questions rather than simply comments.

At it's core it's a polling widget so the widget needs to be cool. Basically, the widget contains;

1.question, 2. url to news/content, 3. description of question, 4. answers

I've attached some of the artwork I've done but I'm not a designer and have failed to really depart from digg.

At the end of the day, it wants to be as clean as facebook.com, simple as google.com and find it's focus...ask a question about a story.

The hope is that this site will become the questioneer of america, where people ask the questions rather than simply buying into everything they hear and read.

Lastly it wants to avoid looking like a polling site...people are allergic to polling so it wants to make people feel like they're the reporter.

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