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TerraCaptus is a new venture that will focus on delivering a

marketplace for the exchange of intellectual property. Owners of

patents and other forms of intellectual property will connect with

relevant buyers that are best positioned to understand the true market

value of these assets.

TerraCaptus will focus on the quality of the

relationships between buyers and the sellers to ensure that each party

has the opportunity to maximize its respective benefits in every



The attached description (pasted below) of our target audience was used to solicit design proposals for our corporate logo. These requirements are largely applicable to this project. In addition to these, the following technical requirements apply:

- Browser compatibility: IE 6,7,8, Chrome, Firefox 3.0+, Safari 3.0+

- Design proposals will be tested using the YSlow plugin to evaluate best-practices guidelines on site performance

Executive Officers:

- These individuals are leaders of fairly technical firms, or at least

of technical departments (such as R&D).

- They value competence and relationships that maximize the

profitability of their firms. They are very mindful of their own

respective brands.

- On the seller's side, the executives want to ensure that their

intellectual property is being exchanged in an established, polished

and well respected marketplace. The buyers want to ensure that they

are purchasing these assets through a legitimate and high-end


IP Attorneys:

- These individuals are typically traditional and conservative

- They value competence and trustworthiness

- They are responsible for the financial protection of their

customers, and therefore are highly wary of third-parties that want to

deal with their customers' assets. They must feel confident that

TerraCaptus will manage their customers' assets with the highest


Engineers and Technical Experts:

- These individuals are highly technical. While they are inherently

creative in their respective fields (which may include technology,

biological sciences etc.), I wouldn't characterize them as artistic.

- They value competence and innovation

- They are responsible for valuation of the assets being exchanged.

So, their primary interest would not necessarily be in TerraCaptus,

but rather the items being bought and sold on our platform.


1. http://www.terracaptus.com

* A placeholder site is in place at www.terracaptus.com. This site contains the TerraCaptus logo, as well as the sub-pages specified in the project requirements. Use this as a very rough guideline to the site-owners' design aesthetic.

2. http://www.globalspendsolutions.com

* We like the mono-chromatic color-scheme punched up with bold, contrasting colors for headline call outs

* Use of the graphic elements and the visual language used effectively supports an otherwise copy heavy layout

3. http://www.rgtech.com.au/

* The rotating header element is what we envision for our layout. The exception is that we want ours in CSS rather than flash.

* Content layout is similar to our requirements.

4. http://druck-deine-diplomarbeit.de

* Another very good example of the type of header element we are seeking.

* content layout is very similar to our requirements (including the footer element containing the copyright notice + secondary site-map style navigation)

* Primary Site-Level navigation is also very effectively executed

5. http://www.builtbybuffalo.com/

* Excellent example of header element. The exception is that we are looking for a much simpler rotating slideshow for the animated aspect, rather than this site's more elaborate vertical popout

* content layout is excellent

* primary navigation is good

* The caution here is that this site is more graphic and visually driven than what we envision for terracaptus.com. Our site will be a bit more copy heavy, and feature more datatables than screen shots.

6. http://www.fry.com

* Excellent example of header element

* Good use of color scheme and typographic treatment

* http://www.fry.com/category/Services/Man...

* This sub-page is a good example of the type of content/graphic balance we like

7. http://www.graffino.com

* My favorite all-rounder

* Excellent and innovative header element. Strong layout design (grid based, good copy/graphic balance). Excellent navigation scheme

* not crazy about the color scheme, but I like that it is consistent and well-executed.


Our logo. The file is attached.

Please feel free to ask as many questions as you need to provide your best proposals. We are committed to a high degree of responsiveness and collaboration through out the project, including the solicitation phase.



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