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For over 20 years, TeamBonding has been developing, refining, and delivering fun, affordable, high-quality team building programs to an impressive list of clients throughout the United States and beyond. We offer you the ideal combination of experience, a wide range of programs and price points, and outstanding service.

We have local facilitators in over 20 cities in the US & Canada and travel anywhere in the world.

We come to you, delivering programs on site or at area hotels, restaurants, parks or conference centers.

With over 70+ customized programs, TeamBonding is one of the worlds leading corporate team building specialists with popular divisions that include Scaventures, Game Show Nation, Recipe for Success and TrainingPath.

When you choose TeamBonding, you are hiring a professional company with the experience to manage the team building component of your next event. Our clients trust us to create and deliver effective programs time and time again.

Let the personalized service of our talented group of program designers, production coordinators and dynamic facilitators make your next team building experience one that will have a positive, lastly effect within your organization.


I think the one improvement I really want to make on http://www.teambonding is the home page. The site works and I continue to improve it so that visitors see us as fun and credible. What I have one there now:

1. Photos of different programs. These photos are now captioned to show the visitor that not only do we do these programs but the people on them are not models and look just like them. The photos feed from our Flickr account and I can change them with the season so that different things can be focused on. I dont expect people to stay and watch too long but even for a few seconds it gives us variety and credibility

2. The 60 second program selector button is a focus of the home page ideally designed to show the visitor that they can find what they are looking for without taking up too much time. It takes them to the next page which is like a game board and narrows their choice down into 7 categories. Many programs overlap but showing them 70 programs tended to overwhelm them so we came up with this way to segment them.

3. Also on the homepage is the scrolling logos. This was put there to show the visitor that big companies, just like theirs use us. More recently our two major competitors and everyone else does the same thing such as http://www.antgrasshopper.com , http://www.teambuilders.com and http://fusionassociates.com (they actually copied our colors and more until I forced them to change it) . This is where I think we can come up with a new, creative way to show off our clients.

4. On the left is three features which I am able to customize to promote different seasonal programs, or features.

5. another thing that I think my current home page is weak on, testimonials. Are you available to talk today?


6. We can choose photos from our 1,500+ photos on


7. Id like to do something better with the client list and what is completely missing is some of the amazing testimonials that we have from our clients. We should have something on the homepage that shows what we now have on Success Stories about what clients think of us.

8. I would like more room to feature something like this http://phillyhops.com/ (on the right she has Most Popular Programs as a list)

Here is what the site looked like before so you can see it in a different take as to what we have tried http://mail.teambonding.com/

I dont like clutter, I like clean, intuitive with the color blue (seems to be our color) and fun & credible.


typically our clients are corporate and large companies, the actual visitor is a department head, a meeting planner, an admin who assists a department head.



This is a summer camp so the market is different but you get the idea of fun and credible. Ours needs to be a little more toned down but based on what i said above, you can see what i am looking for.



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