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BooYippee allows our members to upload media (video, audio or image) to the site for other members to rate and comment on. There is a social networking aspect to the site whereby members can subscribe to other members as well as maintain a list of friends. There is a complete messaging system and each member has the facility to configure their own profile pages by adding their own backgrounds, defining their own colour schemes etc.

You don't have to have a talent to join the website; you can simply join as a member of the 'audience', or a 'promoter' (whereby you promote someone elses talent with their permission). Whilst rating, members can also either 'Boo' uploads (Meaning that the upload in question is very poor) or alternatively they can 'Yippee' (meaning that the upload is very good), hence the name 'BooYippee'. We are happy with our current logo, although suggestions are welcome.

we have a current live site www.booyippee.com, and a site in development (coding), what we need now is to create the "look".


In the initial instance we require design outlines for the two pages attached, namely the Home Page and the Talent Lounge page, however entrants should be aware that there will more than likely be follow-up work for the other pages in the site.

The two screenshots attached show initial pages that we have put together for the next release to describe which features we will need. A breakdown of these features is as follows:

Design Elements That Apply To All Pages

- All pages will have a header including a logo, search functionality and menu including a prominent 'Upload Now' button.

- All pages will have a footer. Please consult the example pages for the type of links that we will need in the footer section.

Design Elements That Apply To The Home Page

- There should be a list of featured uploads on the home page. Each item within the list needs to include a thumbnail image of the upload, the title, the category, the uploader, a description, number of views, number of Boos, number of Yippees. Additionally, if the upload has come from a 'talent lounge member' it needs to be distinguishable probably by the way of a symbol or badge that appears in the item's window. This badge will be incorporated throughout the site to indicate where a member is from the talent lounge.

- There needs to be a section where we can display our members (BooYippee people in the example). Thumbnails of the members should be included and some way of identifying them which could possibly be achieved with a rollover effect.

- We need a section for Boos and a section for Yippees. For example, when a member Yippees an upload the upload will appear in the Yippees section of the home page, and likewise when an upload is Booed it will appear in the Boos section. Since the name of the site is BooYippee this section should be quite prominent, and we have found that our members like the idea of being able to see what people are Booing. Ideally there should be approximately 5 uploads in the Yippee section and 5 in the Boo section at any one time, older entries will drop off the list.

- We need a section of the home page to display site related topics such as links to a news feed, developers blog and a link saying 'follow us on Twitter'. These elements are not shown on the example.

Design Elements That Apply To The Talent Lounge Page

- We need a feature box that should be a prominent feature of this page. In it we will feature a member from the talent lounge, and it should include the talent lounge member's profile image, name, category, 'about me' text, average rating, number of subscribers, latest upload(s) and date inducted to the lounge.

- The example image shows an example advert, basically the designs for all pages need to be able to accomodate advertisements.

- The main content of the talent lounge page is open to your suggestions, in the example we have provided a way for the viewing member to filter a list of talent lounge members by category. Please feel free to use your own design savvy to come up with alternative content. It may be beneficial from a design point of view for example to simply show a selection of members in an appealing graphical way.

The Person We Need

We are looking for someone who is able to use their own initiative to come up with an attractive but simple design for the site taking into account the required elements described above. The design we are looking for must be one which we can use across the whole site. Please feel free to take a look at our existing site to get a feel for what we want, pay particular attention to the media player page (where you view the uploads) and the browse screen.

once we are happy with the designs we would need the remaining site completing by the award winner.


anyone who is either talented , creative /artistic/ musical or is just interested in talent and being involved in creativity.




http://www.experienceproject.com/ We like the tabbed section and the footer






Please note: we are not looking for a design that is simply an enhanced version of what we already have, we'd like a new design incorporating the elements described.



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