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"Sword of Fargoal" is a classic dungeon exploration game originally written for the Commodore 64 back in 1983. It has enjoyed a continued reputation in the eyes of "retro" gamers everywhere, including having gotten glowing reviews from places such-as Armchair Arcade:


We have a current website, but it needs to be completely redesigned for the upcoming iPhone release of the "Sword of Fargoal" game! Here is the existing site:


When you do a search for "Sword of Fargoal" on the internet, you get a total of over 6,000 search results. We would like to take advantage of that popularity with all the game sites and have a website that is centered around the iPhone game almost exclusively, with some areas that would talk about the game's history, provide reviews, links, feedback page, etc.

Jeff McCord, Fargoal's original author, has teamed up with Paul Pridham and Elias Pschernig to create an iPhone version that is full of new features, wonderful animations, graphics, and award-winning theme music.

The original Commodore 64 version of the game was published through Epyx in California in 1983, and it lives on in new ways to this day!


We need a simple, clean website that is centered on the iPhone release of "Sword of Fargoal." Is should have a main page with a representation of an iPhone with the game on the screen, a main navigation banner with the look-and-feel of the game, and fun icons leading to the following general areas (you may give your suggestions for the button names, and feel-free to simplify and make the navigation more fun, functional, and creative):

Home, Media or Reviews, Forum or Blog, About, Support, (plus a Twitter stream link)

Note: You can change the names of these as you see fit. You can also trim down the number of links -- especially if you can combine some things.

There should also be a clear place to see screenshots and watch an embedded YouTube video of the game in-action. We will also have a related YouTube page, Twitter stream, Facebook page, etc. for the game.

It should have at least one prominent place on the main page where you can click a direct link to buy the "Sword of Fargoal" App as a click-through to the App store.

Notes: The font used in the game is currently being "cleaned up," as-is the main game interface. You can click through some of our recent screen shots and the game design progression. For the purposes of initial design concepting, you can cut and paste graphics as you are able to, and we can provide you with better art files once the contract is awarded. The final GUI is not complete, so please ignore the little circles:


Please click here for additional links, including the animations used in the game!


iPhone game purchasers; retro-gamers; C-64 gamers; adventure & role playing gamers. We want to let people know that this game is for every audience. Sword of Fargoal has always taken the friendly, tongue-in-cheek approach, rather that going down the road of trying to be too serious, or showing blood and guts.

We have intentionally softened the appearance of the fighting in the game and concentrated heavily on the quest, the adventure, and the collecting of fun treasures, spells, and magical items, with the ultimate goal to find the Sword of Fargoal and make it out alive!


This is our favorite App website so far. It is clean, simple, and inviting:


Notes: They tend to concentrate on their growing App list. We will be expanding in the future, but we are much more of a one-product company for the time being. We are much more apt to have a link that takes you to other dedicated sites for other projects we are doing. Something like "Other Projects" (only a more creative name for that).

This one is a nice, clean design, but ours does not need to be nearly as full and complex:


Here is a true "gamer's" website. We do not need to be nearly as full and busy as this one, but it certainly covers all the needed areas for a popular game!


Here is a very simple, clean website for an App worth noting. It has a pretty good selection of navigation menu choices that is not far off the mark from where we would want to be.


Here is another website for a game company that makes Apps for the iPhone:


This is also not a bad level of content for what we are looking for:


This is not our style, but it sure is a cleanly design page!


Another nice, simple App page. We like how this has a video right on the main page that shows the App in action!


Note: Our video and App orientation would be sideways on the iPhone, the way it is played.


Should definitely have an image of the game playing on a simulated iPhone! -- or at least an option to see it as a YouTube embedded video. Check out "classicsapp.com" above to see an example of a good loop showing the App being used.

We like the idea of a blend between modern and "retro" with the design of the site. In other words, it is OK to have subtle visual references to the old-style games within the site's overall design if you see that it is helpful in your design.

Note: We have uploaded one example of the "Fargoal" type, but please note that the font is currently being redesigned to be much higher-res. We don't mind "retro" but we don't want it too pixelated at the same time!



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