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Financial Services

About Your Company

Stuckey and Company is an insurance wholesaler and specialty program manager. We have a method of doing business and a set of tools to conduct business that we believe will distrupt the $250B wholesale insurance industry.


Colors to Explore


Preferred Fonts
  • Sans-serif

Required Features
  • Search

    Search your website based on a simple search term.

  • Social Sharing
    Social Sharing

    Tools that help users share your website on their social media profiles.

  • Video

    Embedded video from sites like YouTube and Vimeo.

Feminine, Abstract, Organic, Economical, Youthful, Playful, Minimal, Modern
  • Home

    Our homepage will focus on the Journey of our Client, The Licensed Insurance Agent. The journey begins at Stuckey & Company: 1. Market 2. Turnkey Carrier Access 3. Grow 4. Use of Tools

  • Products

    A list of our products on a continuous scroll and a search function

  • Product Detail

    A continuous scroll page that displays desired class, contact, integration, downloads, underwriting guidelines, features and loss scenareos.

  • Get Appointed

    A modern form to get appointed with Stuckey & Company.

  • Use of Tools

    A Zapier.com like display of the "connection" qualities of our tools. Connect your data to our Customer API, connect the Customer API to Google API or string 3 together connect Customer API to Verisk and then to Quoting API. Use a short example of the business application under each connection.

  • Grow

    List and explain strategic growth strategies. Focus on 5 Commission levels, wholesale consolidation, quoting blocks, participate in profitability and our defined method to enhance agency performance.

  • Support

    Our service includes "we do it for you" marketing support, 151 promise and training on product, coverage and sales.

Measures of Success

Get agents appointed and logged into our Personal Lines and Commercial Lines realtime comparitive raters. Promote the use of our API technologies that could lead to being used as a necessary group of transaction API's in the overall insurance system.

Top 3 Things

Modern, Easy to understand, 27 years of industry experience


see the branding brochure and a sketch of the homepage that mirrors the "Pathway to Success": https://weandthecolor.com/cpa-ireland-br...

Additional Info

1. Home: see the CPA branding brochure that emphasises the "Pathway to success": https://weandthecolor.com/cpa-ireland-br...
2. Use of Tools: Our tools will be listed on zapier for the non-techie and full API with customization will be available for developers. Here is zapier: https://zapier.com/apps/integrations/
3. Grow: see internal flow chart and agency enhancement report.



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