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Criminal Defense Attorney - current website tpatrialattorneys.com


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  • Home Page

    Much of the structure of the site design is in place. We did a wireframe and gave it to someone to design. We think it came out as an acceptable version. However, we want to develop an exceptional website and thought opening the design up to more participants would accomplish this goal. We like the home hero image and the video area underneath and want that to remain consistent. We would be open to any different presentation, font, colors, or use of the image that you think could improve the design. Since everyone who comes to the site has a specific practice area applicable to them, the biggest challenge of the site is to present all the practice areas in a way where visitors can easily find and see their issue, identify with it, and click on it to get them to a page that will speak more directly to them. So the presentation of all these practice areas in a clear way is very vital to conversions on the site. The winner will find a way to use cutting edge web design and development practices to utilize. We would at least need to have the three categories of criminal defense: Federal, State, DUI (please put them in that order) clearly visible with the videos, like on the wireframe. As you can see, we only have a button on the state crimes that would break out the different types of crimes, but that is not acceptable and we didn’t know how to alter the existing design without completely redesigning the area. We will not have pages for all the practice areas to start so they may have to go to a “Federal” page where we list them all again, but focused on federal. The same thing applies to the mobile home page. Over 60% of visitors come on a mobile phone so this is almost more important than the desktop home. I can’t see the same system working on a mobile page that is used on the desktop so the same thing about creativity applies to this also. Need to add: “Call 24 Hours” Here is the desktop home page wireframe we put together so far: http://growingyouragency.com/stechschulte-nell/02-home-practice.html Federal Crimes Drug Trafficking Conspiracy Wire FraudMail Fraud Government Center Fraud Kickbacks Bribery Whistleblower Fraud Healthcare Fraud Medicare Fraud Firearms Federal Gun Crimes Selling Guns without license Check Forgery Identity Theft RICO – Racketeering Immigration Crimes Illegal Re-entry Social Security Fraud Tax Fraud Wire Fraud Federal Sex Crimes State Crimes Theft Murder Drug Crimes Domestic Violence Assault Embezzlement Probation Violation Sex Crimes Child Pornography Statutory Rape Date Rape Lewd and lecivious Failure to report Juvenile Crimes Appeals Expungement Traffic Crimes DUI Act Immediately to Get Your License Back Importance of a Private Attorney 3 Steps to Defending a DUI

  • State Crimes Internal Page

    This will be the landing page for those looking for representation on state crimes. It will serve as the template for all internal pages. As you can see, we still want the same header and main video on the page since any page can easily be the first page visitors see. Here is the design we have so far. http://growingyouragency.com/stechschulte-nell/02-inner-page.html

  • Blog Page


  • Mobile Home

    As you can see, we will have a different header area for the mobile site. We do not want to have just a desktop site broken apart and put horizontally like most mobile responsive sites. If we can’t figure out how to develop the site to change the header area on a phone, we will have a completely different mobile site. Here is what we have right now for the mobile home page: http://growingyouragency.com/stechschulte-nell/01-mobile-A.html http://growingyouragency.com/stechschulte-nell/01-mobile-B.html We would like the concept close to what is there, but something about it did not work perfectly. And, again, we would like to see creative ways of presenting the practice areas. Right now they are just breakouts, but anything new that looks good an easy to navigate would go a long way toward winning the award. The bottom part of the mobile site can be much like the desktop site broken apart and displayed vertically. Sticky header – once the mobile visitor starts scrolling, we would like to see there be a header at the top that does not scroll away. It needs to have the logo, menu bars, “Free Case Review”, phone number and something to indicate a button to press for directions on Google Maps. http://growingyouragency.com/stechschulte-nell/01-mobile-sticky-header.html

  • Mobile Internal Page

    This will have to use the same header area as the home page since the internal pages often serve as landing pages. The content from the desktop internal page can be used for the design.

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