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New company website.


Our company represents over 400 small independent media outlets. We act as their sales agents for advertising.

We want to create a new web identity that showcase our media and the services we provide.

The represented media is broken into categories.

1. Ethnic

2. Street Press

3. Youth Radio

4. Community Radio

5. Indigenous

6. Online

7. Gay & Lesbian

8. Radio for the Print Handicapped

We have a logo and a corporate background colour (attached)

Three sites that I like the design of include:



http://www.volusion.com/ (For the menu)

Include slogan: Leading National Media Representation Company Connecting Advertisers with hard-to-reach audiences


Similar in nature to (clone) http://www.volusion.com/

PARENT: About Us > CHILD Services, Our Team, News, Contact

PARENT: Media Partners > CHILD Ethnic, Indigenous, Street Press, Community Radio, Gay & Lesbian, Online

PARENT: Media Representation

PARENT: Contact

Below Menu:

Clone Flash Box of http://ideasbank.net.au/ and have flash menu (numbers) button like http://stripe.com/ top right of flash box. Wording/Slogan off to the left side and we will use pics on the right. (Obviously this would be provided as flat images for Flash coding later)

Spots & Space provides advertisers and their agencies with an effective means of communicating with hard-to-reach audiences. We are the national sales representatives for more than 450 specialist media


Italian born Australians are a mature market numbering over 800,000 people. They are the largest migrant community in Australia


Melbourne is the third largest Greek city in the world. Over 250,000 people speak GREEK at home


Over 90% of the Arabic speaking community live in Sydney & Melbourne. The Arabic speaking community are from 20 countries of origin however the majority are from Lebanon


Over half a million speakers in Australia. Over 100,000 Mandarin-speaking Chinese migrated to Australia in the five years from 2001-2006


A highly diverse community - ethnically, culturally and linguistically. A 42% increase between 2001-2006. India is the second largest source of business migrants after Britain and now accounts for the largest amount of migrants after Britain and New Zealand


Nearly 45% of the Vietnamese speakers do not speak English well or at all. Over 77% live in Sydney and Melbourne

Street Press

Take your brand to the street! The entertainment bible including more than 20 titles targeting young Australians


The final design may be coded in wordpress and we will use the wordpress posts as the profile for each media.

Happy to answer any questions and supply feedback in a timely manner.





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